Why wordpress will convert developers away from Microsoft.

I’m a dotnet guy through and through, I like it, I’m pro Microsoft. I run an XP desktop at home and work, its great. But one thing about Microsoft is rubbish – the greed factor. I may be pro MS but I also like a bargain. If you are running a successful blog, changes are you are on WordPress, I’ve been forced to adapt the same..I’m running this subdomain on a Linux box.


Because there are no decent Microsoft alternatives out there. Yes I could write my own, but the whole re-inventing the wheel never did appeal to me. There simply isn’t any decent blogging software which supports pingbacks etc available on Windows. I’ve been forced to look at PHP for tweaking bits and pieces – which is a good thing I suppose as I’ve learned lots from tinkering, but I’m guessing that I’m not the only one. Movable type runs on Windows, but isn’t so good on Shared Hosting Environments – or at least none of the hosts I asked supported it.

Why is the Windows Community so tight fisted and never seems to get together to create such great applications as WordPress. Is it because Linux is such a community driven effort in the first place? Who knows. All I can say is that if you are a Windows Developer you can’t get through your programming life blinkered without taking a look at some of the great work in the Linux community.

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