Why do we subscribe? The psychology behind rss.

freud6.jpgI often think just before I hit that subscribe button..what is it that has made me want to stay up to speed with website xy or z? Normally my behaviour is based on a few simple things. Here’s my five thoughts on what turns a visitor into a subscriber

1) There is a load of content. I use RSS to bookmark.

Im not a big fan of bookmarks on any level. They get cluttered, they need organised, and if you are using something like del.icio.us, you have to go logging into a site to find them. Bookmarks generally fall into the category of “useful information” for me, normally when I’m browsing blog sites I bookmark for a different reason “too much information to digest all at once”, so I normally just subscribe to the RSS feed so the information comes through to me in smaller chunks.

2) They are throwing out freebies that will aid my own pursuits

You see it all the time, articles that give away free RSS icons, or here just general webdesign icons, free WordPress themes, best of the best free screensavers or mouse cursors.

You get the drift. The blogging community is technical by nature. So you need to start appealing to their inner joys, so think webdevelopment / blogging / technology. No matter what their content, every blogger is a technologist. If I think a website or blog is going to provide me goodies, I’ll be hitting that subscribe button.

3) The content is well written

Eloquence is a gift. Some of us have it, and some of us don’t. Your writing style will attract a certain audience, and helps other bloggers to identify with you. If I hear a blogger rant about something, and I agree, I’ll comment on the post. If he or she entertains me when doing so through language I’ll be more likely to subscribe.

4) The blog teases me with its content kisses.

If the blog makes me feel like there is more wicked good content to come, and it would be worth coming back for more, I’ll be more likely to return, RSS provides me with an easy way to do that, so I’ll just subscribe. Entertainment is always important.

5) The content is unique

Please dont spit out old articles that everyone has seen before. You aren’t going to win friends or influence people with old content, that is either copied from around the web or spat back out from a book you just read. Come up with summit original, and your readers will appreciate your work more.

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