April Fool’s Day Roundup

April 1, 20097 Comments

Yeah, It’s April Fools Day 2009 again. Time for some side splitting action…I’ll update this post as I uncover more during the day.

The Guardian says its swapping print for Twitter.

Youtube give us a new layout.

The Pirate Bay sells out to Warner.

Shearer to become Newcastle boss. –Edit. This looks like it aint an April Fool.

Gmail on AutoPilot

Jason Calacanis invests in Smellr Flickr for your nose.

Opera Face Gestures

Google’s CADIE – Google Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity

Chrome in 3d.

Hotel’s Room’s on the Moon.

Miss World visits ‘beautiful’ Guantanamo Bay

Smashing Magazine’s Internet Explorer Update.

SitePoint’s Internet Reboot Day

Expedia offers flights to Mars.

Add some shine to your website.

Landmark JQuery plugin.

Reddit changes it’s layout.

Web Standards Project unveils the purpose of Conficker Worm.

Woopra Web Cam

Woot – 3 dollar item, 1 million shipping.

Top Gear to stream on the Web ad supported.

Web2.0 ireland’s 10 million euro funding

Facebook acquires Boards.ie

Wired claim they’ve got Twitter’s business plans

Yahoo idealogical search.

the end of Advertising at Marketing magazine.

ThinkGeek. Hilarious as always.

BBC Iplayer available on a Toaster.

Facebook in Trouble via E-Consultancy

Qualcomm opens the door on it’s top secret R&D.

Identi.ca acquires Twitter

Floating Amazon Cloud Environment

Digg’s algorithm cracked

Automatic mood detection from MSN

Get your Harry Potter E-books here

French Films banned from Lovefilm.

Joopal – Drupal and Joomla merger.

Alpine Legend on the Xbox Youtube Video.

A new name for MooTools.

Ban on Helvetica

Slideshare pull a whoopsie.

Save IE 6

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  1. Charles Hog says:

    I love the one about iPhones and iPods getting heavier depending on how much music you have on them – http://bit.ly/203DWN

  2. Graham Jones says:

    Lovely list. Here’s another one to add.

    Psychic social networking site understands you and types messages on your behalf….


  3. Chris Wrigley says:

    Firebox have a bunch of entertaining new products which I strongly suspect will be one-day-only offers:

  4. Lee Munroe says:

    lol I’m surprised Shearer isn’t a prank myself. As long as Blackburn is safe I’m happy!

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