8 brands that captivate their audience with augmented reality

May 22, 20096 Comments
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Augmented reality is becoming more and more widespread, and is set to become shit hot property in the years to come. For those of you who aint got a clue what it is- basically augmented reality is a technique which combines real-world and computer-generated data to create a virutal reality. It enhances further the users surroundings to add to the experience. I’ve seen a couple of websites recently using it to attract visitors, and also more interestingly used in advertising and marketing to great effect. Here’s a couple of awesome examples that have used it to attract an audience, and breath an extra dimension into products.


URL: http://www.bmw.co.uk/bmwuk/augmented_reality/homepage


BMW seems to be enjoying experimenting a leading position with their adoption of social media. Youtube. Check. Facebook. Check. Augmented reality. Check. Not only are they using it in their social media marketing strategy, but are also coming up with ways to train their service engineers using it. A sure sign that augmented reality is developing, and being used to achieve business goals.


URL: http://www.nissangooddecision.com/


Not to be out done by BMW Nissan have created this mini site to showcase the nissan car options available for you according to budget and your personal choices. Again using Flash and a webcam, its well worth checking out.


URL: http://www.toppstown.com/UserSite/TotalImmersion/Info.htm


Extending the life of the fading star that is collectable cards, topps town have turned the concept on its head, and are now marketing their baseball cards by using augmented reality. Just show your baseball cards up to your webcam and watch them come alive. This is a great example of how the technology has breathed new life into something that kids are probably finding mundane in a world of technology.

Living Sasquatch

URL: http://livingsasquatch.com/


Not really a brand as such – but this one went viral on the web, and for that reason – well worth a mention. Ever wanted your own BigFoot? Course you have. Well, assuming you have your own webcam, you can now download this little playboy, and become one of the Hendersons. Your sasquatch can only do a prescribed number of moves once you start playing around – but none the less this is a brilliant example of augmented reality.


URL: http://www.therelapse.co.uk/

Launched to promote the new album, the guys being eminem’s web presence have created an awesome augmented reality system, which allows you to spray paint and graffitti a “virtual wall”. Print out your symbol, and using your web cam, move the wall to spray print different parts of it.

Chicken McNuggets Dip Game

This is a great example of how you can take virtual any product (e.g chicken mcnuggets) and come up with something engaging, that a target audience can interact with.


Adidas have also got on the bandwagon with both this concept of an augmented reality running shoe, and an adidas personalised avatar – although they are both available through Kiosk applications, it still shows the massive potential for this to come online.

General Electric

URL: http://ge.ecomagination.com/smartgrid/#/augmented_reality


General electric’s smart grid site showcases some beautiful animations to start with, but you can actually hold these in your hands and watch them move on screen with their augmented reality offering. A great way to create buzz around a product as mundane as electricity.

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  1. Paul,

    Nice list and several I was not even familiar with— had not seen Sasquatch, Eminem or Chicken McNuggets.

    I’m most interested to see this technology take off in Mobile. On the desktop it has some novelty, but given some geo-specific intelligence it will have some real utility.

    A few days ago I posted an article on Augmented Reality at my own blog (and Google has now led me to yours). I linked to my article from my name on this post. If you have a moment give it a read, and if you feel so inclined, join the conversation.


    PS. Do you really think “electricity” is mundane? I’m shocked! I personally find the topic electrifying.

  2. Clint says:

    Hi Paul,

    “Not really a brand as such – but this one went viral on the web, and for that reason – well worth a mention.”

    The Sasquatch project is for Jack Links – Beef Jerky (see link bottom left).

    It’s tied to a larger mixed media campaign “Messin’ With Sasquatch” (search youtube)


  3. Paul Anthony says:

    Thank Clint,

    I had no idea that it was connected to this. Well spotted.


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