30+ awe inspiring digital illustrator portfolios

Illustration is an artform. There are many countless web designs on the web that have been transformed with a delicate sprinkling of illustration, whether it be line art or vector. This post showcases and celebrates some of the most talented illustrators from around the world along with a sampling of their work.

Tiago Hoisel

URL: http://hoisel.zip.net/


Tiago Hoisel is a talented illustrator from Brazil, who’s artwork both mocks and entertains. His characture style often depicts sporting talents and heros. He has won him many awards, and he has produced work for Brazilian Football Team Clube Atlético Paranaense , and a leading investment agency in Brazil amongst others professionally.

Arthur Mount

URL: http://www.arthurmount.com/


Arthur has a fantastic portfolio online of work broken down into different subject areas. I could literally spend hours trawling through it all.  You only have to look at his client list to know that this guy is shit hot in the illustration arena.

Syd Brak

URL: http://www.sydbrak.co.uk


The quality of  Syd’s  retro styling is second to none. The airbrushed retro style is enjoying a bit of a comeback of late within the web sector, and some of his classic images would without doubt fit perfectly alongside accompanying vector art.  He also boasts a client portfolio with massive brands such as Coca Cola, Cadbury’s, Ulster Bank,  Microsoft and others.

Yuko Shimizu

URL: http://www.yukoart.com


With obvious influences from Japanese popular culture, Yuko’s work is much more surreal and textured than the traditional flat images that we have become accustomed to. The way she magically mixes traditional techniques with contemporary pop culture result in much more texture and depth throughout the pieces. The results are truly fantastic. Yuko now lives and works in New York, and also teaches illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

Max Gregor

URL: http://www.illustrationweb.com/illustrators/home_large.asp?artist_id=3301&anim=N


Max Gregor is a talented Bristol (UK) based illustrator who has been involved with the urban underground art and music scene from a young age. To start out with, as a way to gain free access to night clubs and music nights, he designed and illustrated countless flyer’s and T shirts.

His other passion is for Comics, and he has a large knowledge of comic art and artists. He has written and drawn a number of published comics. The two passions have been combined in his illustration work and have been a driving force behind the creation of his dynamic and innovative illustrations. He is working towards a graphic realism, juxtaposed by texture influenced by graffiti lines and pattern.

John Burgerman

URL: http://www.jonburgerman.com


I have been a fan of Jon’s work for a couple of years now. It is distinctive in style, with his trademark character doodles reflecting his endless imagination. Jon’s work has appeared on everything from Shoes to Kid’s toys and he has been featured in Computer Arts magazine several times.

Sam Gilbey

URL: http://www.sam-gilbey.com


Some of you may know Sam as editor at Pixelsurgeon, but having gone solo he now creates beautiful illustrations for the likes of Sony, Weetabix, The University of Manchester, MTV, O2, The BBC and others. Sam has a painter-esque style to his illustrations which I would describe as watercolours for the 21st century, and this give a natural and softer tone to his work.

Carlos Alvarez Cabrero

URL: http://alvarezcabreroblog.blogspot.com/


Carlos is a spanish artist and painter.  His artwork reminds me alot of the late great British artist Michael Charlton who illustrated books by Tom Sharpe (The Midden) amongst others. It is figurative in nature, which offers ironic visions of society.

David Newton

URL: http://paperraincoat.com/


David is both an illustrator and a designer, and has also worked on a few webdesign projects. His style is contemporary, with his illustrations having great depth and a classic feel to them.

Robert Lindstrom



I worship at the sacred ground that is DesignChapel. Lindstrom has been a iconic figure in the design industry for years now, and needs no introduction. Robert founded and works with the best of the best over at North Kingdom – who I’ve perviously mentioned as one of the best webdesign studios in the world.

Mark Behm

URL http://www.markbehm.com


Mark currently works at PDI / Dreamworks as an animator he is also an accomplished illustrator and caricaturist.  His final pieces have a soft olde world warmth to them.

Sam Nielson

URL: http://artsammich.blogspot.com/


Sam works as an artist at Avalanche Software/Disney Interactive Studios. Some of his painted digital work is absolutely awesome, and is perfectly blended with 3d renders to achieve this sort of effect.

Margherita Premuroso

URL: http://www.margheritapremuroso.com/illustrations.html


Margherita is an Italian Freelance Character Concept Artist and Character Animator, who uses a blend of traditional and digital drawing techniques to enhance her work. She has previously worked on several games as a concept artist.

Anita Kunz

URL: http://www.anitakunz.com/


Anita’s work has been featured in many high profile offline magazine’s such a Time, Newsweek, the NewYorker, Rolling Stone. It commonly features abstract concepts applied to human characters. From 1988 to 1990 she was one of two artists chosen by Rolling Stone magazine to produce a monthly illustrated History of Rock ‘n Roll.

Goro Fujita

URL: http://www.area-56.de/


Gora is another gem of an illustrator to have moved into working in the games industry – PDI/DreamWorks have also snapped him up. Gora was born in Japan before moving to Germany when he was around 3 years old. There’s alot of Japanese influence still apparent in his work.

Craig Mullins

URL: http://www.goodbrush.com/


Craig Mullins is an incredibly talented digital artist covering a variety of different artforms. He has created illustrations for videogames such as Halo, Castle Wolfenstein, Age of Empires, Need for Speed and Fallout 3. His matt painting style is created using a combination of effects but the digital weapons of choice are mainly Corel Painter and Photoshop combined. Craig has also created paintings for several Movie’s including the Matrix and Armageddon.

Natasha Roesocli

URL: http://www.tascha.ch


Natasha is a Swiss artist working for Darkfall Online. Like many others she started drawing fom an early age. She has won many awards, and has been featured online in communities such as CGTalk and Full CG

Shane Prigmore

URL: http://shaneprigmore.blogspot.com


Shane is currently a development and story artist at Dreamworks, and was recently employed as a character designer on the stop motion feature Coraline. He has worked on multi-disciplinary projects and has knowledge in CG, television and stop motion works for both film and television.

Sebastien Gallego

URL: http://letiroirabazar.blogspot.com/


Self confessed Frenchy – Sebastien Gallego works for Disney/Avalanche Software as a Concept Lead Artist. Avalanche Software started out as a four man studio in Salt Lake city growing to over 100 staff in 10 years and were later acquired by Disney.  Their artists are of the highest calibre in the world, and Sebastien is no-except to the rule.

Joe Bluhm

URL: http://www.joebluhm.com/


Joe currently works in New York city and specialises in caricature illustration and character design. He has been recognised both nationally and worldwide for his work.

Sylvain Marc

URL: http://polyminthe.blogspot.com/


sylvain marc is a french animator-Illustrator-designer/development artist at the Cartoon Network Europe. His focus is primarily on character illustration and his site is full of great personal work.

Benjamin Plouffe



Benjamin is a freelance visual development artist currently looking for work, having previously worked for some large studios. You can find him on LinkedIn over here.

Martin Rajmund František Vocet

URL: http://mvocet.blogspot.com/

Martin lives and works in Prague and is a multi-discipline artist working as a graphic designer for cinemax. He has worked on both 2D and 3D projects and has previosly shaped many of the rendered characters for Inquisitor.

Russ Mills

URL: http://www.byroglyphics.com/


Russ Mill’s work is a perfect synergy of traditional media and digital imaging. There are extreme concepts apparent throughout his work.

Alex Ruiz

URL: http://alexruizart.com


Alex currently works as a freelance concept artist/illustrator in Los Angeles.

Emily Degrey

URL: http://madgeniusart.blogspot.com/


Emily is another one of the talented crew at Avanlanche who have more or less invaded the blogger community with their brilliance. Her work has a beautiful yet surreal painted style.

Colin Fix

URL: http://colinfix.blogspot.com/


Colin is a professional concept artist working in California. He has previously produced concept art for games such as BioShock2 and the film Beowulf.

Matthew Hollings

URL: http://altpick.com/matthewhollings


Matt has become prolific as one of great illustrators of musical icons but his work spans many other genres. His porfolio includes work illustrating Kurt Cobain (shown), Bob Dylan, Amy Winehouse, Thom Yorke and Pete Doherty.

Sharif Tarabay



Sharif has worked with large clients such as Mojo Magazine, M & C Saatchi and Big Communications.

Dan Dos Santos

URL: http://www.dandossantos.com/


Dan dos Santos is an award winning artist. Most recently he received the 2007 Jack Gaughan award for best emerging artist. His illustrations have graced the number 1 spot on the New York Times best seller list. Dan has also worked with some massive clients including Saatchi & Saatchi, Disney and Universal studios amongst others.

Ryohei Hase



Ryohei Hase is a Japanese artist living and working in Toyko.  His powerful images provoke deep thought and meaning and his latest collection illustrates humans with the heads of primal beasts to analogise how close we are to animals in some instances.  Insane.


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  1. Wow – some incredible work there.

    I have another to add to the list – Chris Tokunaga. He’s an incredible illustrator, artist and animator who works in multiple mediums. A lot of his character/game work is done directly in Flash but he also does fantastic hand-drawn art as well. http://www.okunaga.com/

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