Fun Twitter bug- A sign of shortcodes to come?

April 28, 20102 Comments

Looks like this is either a bug, or an easter egg – but Twitter has some unusual behaviour in the web interface. When you Tweet the word “off” – just on its own, Twitter autotweets a random old post of yours.

Not sure on whether this is testing internally exposing something to come, or if its meerly accidental, but isn’t the first time I’ve spotted weird goings on that have turned into a feature.

Perhaps its a shortcode that they are planning on bringing it, or maybe its a bug – but I thought I’d mini blog it here anyway and let you all have the skinny before it breaks elsewere on the web.

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  1. Angela says:

    Hi Paul, I tried tweeting the word off (without quotes) via Twhirl and Twitter website, and nothing happened. What application were you using?

  2. Paul Anthony says:

    I was using the Twitter website, on Mac Safari, and defo still works… Very weird indeed.

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