Pen.IO – no frills content publishing


There are loads of times when you may need to share a large piece of text content online via a link, but don’t want to have to setup a blog or publishing platform to do it. Whether you are a coder needing to share your stacktrace or a tortured artist needing some poetic release on Twitter, steps into the breach with a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin approach to web publishing.

The service comes complete with your own dinky subdomain (I’m over here btw), providing a friendly platform for sharing text based content easily. Content can be either split across multiple pages using a special “:page” tag, or the page simply cleaned down, and reused the next time you want to share something.

A perfect example of minimalism at its best, might just be the digital scribble pad you’ve been looking for. Give it a whirl.

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