Control YouTube with your Android phone.

I’ve just stumbled upon something for those of you running Android phones, which lets you control YouTube directly from your phone.

This free application provided by Google connects your Android device directly with YouTube Leanback, a full screen browsing experience for YouTube. The service essentially turns YouTube into your own personal television set, with videos typically being shown in full high definition.

Once you’ve grabbed the application on the Android marketplace, simply login to your YouTube account on the device you want to control, visit the Leanback site in your browser – and then the magic begins.

With the application open on your phone, pointing the device at the screen is all it takes to pick up the fact that you are on the Leanback webpage, and full control capabilities are available from your phone.  It’s not the first video I’ve seen where control has been passed from the Android device to the desktop, and is indicative of what we can expect to see happening whilst mobile device innovation and desktop platforms blend towards synchronicity with one another.

Take a look at the embed below for a basic overview of how it rolls at the minute, just another example of some of the very cool tech available with mobile devices and the web.

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  1. Has anyone heard about the software application for Android that sounds an alarm if it gets stolen and turns on GPS and sounds random alerts? I think this software is totally cool, but what happens when the battery runs out?

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