How to Export Facebook Photos to Google+

July 1, 20111 Comment


Wondering how you might get all of your photos out of Facebook and onto *ahem* another platform? Well wonder no more. PickNZip is a neat little application that allows you to do just that, all via a simple point and click web application interface. Simply sign in with your Facebook account, and select the option for downloading your photos, and it delivers either a PDF or Zip file with all that you need to move your photos across in bulk, without downloading them individually. The final zip file also breaks the files up into individual albums, which is super handy to recategorise them in Google+.

For an added bonus, the guys over at TNW show you how you can use a simple Chrome Extension to move your contacts out of Facebook and into Google+.

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  1. There’s also a firefox addon at which lets you move any albums you can view on facebook over to google+. It lets you move the photos you’re tagged in too!

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