7 ways to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

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There’s no denying that LinkedIn is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Recruitment industry. With more than two million business professionals joining the service over the past nine months, the total number of users in the UK has now reached nearly six million, that’s a massive opportunity for you to showcase your talents and skills during the job hunting process, and make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

So how can you improve visibility on Linked In?

1)      Fill out, and fill up.

The first step in improving the number of views your profile receives, is to fill out your profile the full 100%. With the internal algorithms at LinkedIn favouring profile results which are more complete, it makes sense to fill in all the fields that a LinkedIn profile offers. Not only will this look good on your diligence with potential employers, it will also help you receive exposure both through LinkedIn Search, and organically through Google and other search engines. Recruiters generally search by industry, and then skills – so buzz words that are relevant to the industry you are involved with are essential to make up the perfect profile. For example, if you are a programmer, having keyphrases such as PHP or .NET in your job title (past and previous) help you appear for those kinds of searches.

2)      Get connected

Social networks work best when you are more connected. Take time to connect with your colleagues and receive introductions to others to build up your network. The more connected you are, the better, as again this will help your profile appear in more searches within LinkedIn. If you are just getting onto the career ladder, ask your lecturers, classmates or teachers to give recommendations.

3)      Follow companies

Following companies on LinkedIn can often give you indications when or if they are hiring, and indentify patterns if there are particular times of the year when recruitment drives occur.  You  can also see what their employees are doing, who they are talking to and what they are sharing – again important for understanding the culture of a company prior to applying.

Knowing what the company is working on, prior to interview is also a massive advantage. It shows you are truly passionate about becoming a new recruit, and offers a talking point inside the interview.

4)      Join Groups

Groups are a fantastic way to engage with industry peers, and gain new connections. By engaging in a considered way, and initiating as well as participating in conversations – you can quickly establish yourself as a thought leader within your chosen industry. Don’t use groups as a blatant self promotional pursuit – you have to provide value to others to receive traction.

5)      Create Groups

Cultivating communities within LinkedIn is not always easy. By sharing engaging content, and asking engaging questions from your audience– you can quickly become a popular destination where debate takes place. If you are having problems getting traction – consider offering incentive for people to engage with you. This can be as simple an idea as giving exposure to the group member who generates the most discussion, or by running competitions.

Take time to consider the name of the group, and what your peers are likely to search for when searching for suitable groups. With control of the group, you will ultimately become much more visible as it grows in stature.

6)      Bring together your content

Linking together your other social profiles within the LinkedIn network makes sense. You can for example tie together your recent Tweets, and your personal blog, via profile ‘apps’. Failing that there are also apps for websites such as Slideshare, where you can showcase presentations on your field of knowledge.

This makes for a much more engaging experience for visitors to your profile – and in turn makes it more likely that those people will share your profile with their colleagues to receive your updates.

7)      Answer questions

LinkedIn has a thriving Questions and Answers community, and best of all they offer a rating system for those people who are identified as top contributors and answers. This can give you additional much needed exposure in a difficult job climate, and identify you as a thought leader inside your chosen field of expertise.

What do you do to make yourself more visible on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments.

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