Mind = Blown. Introducing the Magic Cube Holographic Keyboard.

In environments where space is at a premium, historically its been difficult to find a convenient yet practical keyboard solution. As many of you mobile users will know, typing anything more than a 140 character SMS update is often painful at best.

That’s until now. Korean company Celluon have designed and built a virtual holographic display that tracks your typing on any flat surface, all from an ultra portable device.

The Cube is a compact and versatile product; it’s a multi-touch capable mouse, a laser projection keyboard and a handwriting recognition device, all in one product. The internal chipset works by optically tracking finger movements rather than registering the physical switches of a regular keyboard, so users can use the same surface for both keyboard data entry and mouse functionality.

The familiar layout of the Projection Keyboard allows for input speeds greater than that of 50 words-per-minute with error rates similar to that of a standard physical keyboard, thus setting a new benchmark in mobile input performance.  The projection Keyboard can also help reduce the ergonomic risk factors associated with other input alternatives by reducing strain on the wrists.

If the Sci-Fi product shots are anything to go by – it looks like the future has arrived.

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  1. So how does the mouse functionality work then? It is simply a case of moving your finger around on a table and ‘pressing’ your forefinger onto the table to ‘click’ the mouse button? However it works it does look freakin awesome! I want one!

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