Impress.js – the creative javascript presentation library.


One of the recent shining stars of the online presentation world is Prezi – a different approach to the way we think about presentation generally. Instead of the traditional slide by slide / left to right viewport – Prezi allows you to zoom in and out with Flash technology to both play and create the presentation.

Mimicking this functionality, impress.js is a javascript library created by developer Bartek Szopka, which takes the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions and enhances it – recreating the Prezi presentation experience in the browser. If you’ve a browser which supports the latest and greatest in CSS3 3D transforms – have a peek at the demo. For the geeks out there, you can fork the library on GitHub.

It’s not a cross platform solution – obvious enough really considering the technologies used, but for browsers not supporting CSS3 3D transforms impress.js adds additional css classes so fallback styles can be applied.

Google and others continue to improve their online alternatives with the Google Docs team recently managing to improve their animation and transitions within docs earlier this month, to relatively little fanfare.

As web technologies advance we’ve all noticed traditional office based programs such as powerpoint move increasingly towards the browser. The ability to collaborate with others over the web and in many cases use them for free has seen many people abandon the package altogether.

For those of you with the technical chops – impress.js will give the ability to bring flat HTML to life with the same level of interactivity and wow factor of Prezi.

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