Are you shooting yourself in the foot? Don’t monetize too early.

December 5, 20070 Comments

Monetizing a blog too quickly can spell disaster.  If you manage to keep your site ad and revenue free for as long as possible, chances are your personal brand (you) will have much more credibility in the future. Take a look at any of the major large startups (particularly Web2.0 startups) and you’ll see a […]

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Frequent posts = frequent visitors? Burnout or fadeaway?

December 3, 20070 Comments

Does frequent posting mean frequent visitors? Not necessarily. I think that one of the best way to build readership is to blog with good interesting content, but not to the point where people are scared away. If you maintain the frequency that people expect, without burning out, you are well on your way to achieving […]

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What does your blog design say about your personality?

November 26, 20070 Comments

The WWW is filled with a plethora of blogs. But what does your blog design say about your personality? You use the Kubrick theme. You love the simple things in life. You’ve decided that the function of your blog far outweighs the need to decorate it with pretty pretty’s. An out of the box kinda […]

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Being controversial when blogging. A double edged sword?

November 25, 20070 Comments

I thought I’d throw a curveball at the blogosphere. Just to see what would happen. I run Linux, infact I’ve just finished installing the latest version of Linux Mint – Daryna on this machine. The blog post I put out there was designed for traffic, and it worked. I posted it to Digg, (note in […]

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