Bring your digital work to life with self-publishing websites

May 1, 20110 Comments

Thanks to the web, self-publishing is no longer a pipe dream. Anyone with a rudimentary grasp of writing can have their work published and in their hands.

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What bloggers want from your startup website.

April 18, 20111 Comment

As bloggers, we are often faced with finding as much information about services and products as we can to create a perfect post. I do my fair share of review posts, but it never fails to amaze me when companies and startups miss the subtle details in their marketing efforts to deliver the information bloggers need to write about them there and then.

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Fear can stop you blogging. Blogging stops your fear.

April 4, 20111 Comment

Many of you regulars will have noticed my posting frequency on this blog, going into hyper drive in the past couple of months. What was previously about one post a week (at best) is now averaging out at about (4.9 posts per week). The different types of content has ranged from easily digestible snapshots of […]

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Tiki Toki – timelines for a unique blogging experience.

April 2, 20110 Comments

URL: Brought to you by ChronoFlo and Webalon, Tiki-Toki is a beautiful web based timeline that allows you to chart your journey through the web chronologically. Following a similar pursuit to Memolane, it’s easy to add content directly to your timeline including video, images and text based content. Whereas Memolane’s offering is partially automated through […]

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Rethink your Permalinks and win.

March 12, 20112 Comments

Permalinks are a hotly contested subject in the search world. Here’s why my own permalink structure works for me.

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Series – Tips for more effective guest posting

January 2, 20110 Comments

Ever wondered how to make the most of your guest posting efforts? This collection of subtle but effective tips gives some guidance on the things you may not have thought about.

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Series – 4 tips for minty fresh blog indexing

January 1, 20111 Comment

Subtle but effective blogging tips. Today’s post revolves around the concept of getting indexed faster in Google for effective SEO.

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Series – Feedburner tips and tricks

December 28, 20102 Comments

This series of 5 posts explores just some of the tiny things that make a big difference. Today, I’m covering Feedburner.

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How to Supercharge Your Comment Stream

November 7, 20100 Comments

Want to make your Wordpress Comment Stream that bit more Social? This collection of Plugins and Tips provides even easier ways to enable a social comment stream.

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9 social comment solutions to increase engagement.

November 6, 201012 Comments

Conversation is massively important online for a number of reasons. This article highlights a few of the social solutions available to increase engagement on your blog.

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