7 strategic content tips to help your website grow

October 20, 20107 Comments

If you have no direction or strategy for your content, then your website is doomed from the get-go. We’ve suggested 7 strategic content tips here to really help your content grow.

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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress for Live Space Bloggers

September 28, 20101 Comment

A comprehensive guide on the new features available in Wordpress to all those lovely people migrating from Windows Live Spaces blogs.

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7 often overlooked places to find great content

September 14, 20103 Comments

Developing new content is hard work, but critical to growing your presence online. Often there are missed opportunities that are overlooked, particularly within larger organisations to build great content using content, which is otherwise unused, or gathering dust in your filing cabinet.

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My approach to blogging.

August 29, 20109 Comments

An indepth analysis of my own approach to blogging, and my ethos on how I do things. I’ve decided to share here my own current processes.

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How to increase reader interaction on your website.

July 8, 20103 Comments

Looking to increase visitor engagement? Are you finding that you aren’t getting as many comments or interactions as you had hoped? This post examines some of the ways to increase reader interaction on your website quickly and easily.

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3 simple content strategies to increase your blog’s reach.

June 29, 20107 Comments

There are a number of things you can do to increase the size of your audience, this post breaks down just a few of the forgotten ones.

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Essential HTML that every newbie blogger should know

June 21, 20103 Comments

Knowing your way around HTML is an essential part of being a competent webmaster. This post summarises the essentials for those of you not technical enough to already know what the magic code powering your blog is doing.

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Common strategies and features of successful blogs

April 11, 20100 Comments

When you start any website project, some of the plugins and features you integrate into the overall design can be integral to the organic growth of the site. Here’s a few of my own thoughts on common strategies and website features for traffic and why you should consider them at the start of a blog project. Most of these will also apply for traditional websites.

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5 “read later” web apps to lifehack your bookmarks

February 27, 20104 Comments

In addition to design related scrapbooking – often there’s textual content on the web that requires a little extra reading-  whether it be technically complex, hard to digest in one sitting – or simply too lengthy to read all in one go. Whilst many people are partial to the good old fashioned browser bookmark, these […]

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