How to add polish to a blog post

January 15, 20106 Comments

If you are from a design background, you’ll know that there are lots of ways to add polish to a design. Subtle gradients, drop shadows, 1 pixel detail. However there are also a few ways you can add polish to your writing and your blog post that can make all the difference to the impact made on your audience.

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25 things I wish I’d known when I started blogging

October 19, 200955 Comments

Next month will be a milestone for me – I’ve been blogging now for around two years, and over that time I have to say I’ve learned a bucket load about how content works online, and indeed how content marketing can drive traffic to a website.

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The Tortoise or the Hare approach to blogging?

September 27, 20092 Comments

If you are blogging for traffic and increased exposure, you’ll know that the more you write, the better your website will perform. But how often should you post on your blog?

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5 inspiring videos you really should have seen.

September 24, 20092 Comments

I’ve watched numerous Youtube videos, but there are few that have definitely left me genuinely inspired. Some of the below videos showcase perfectly the components within a truly engaging and inspiring speech. I’d highly recommend watching these for inspiration on work, life and personal development. Randy Pausch Last Lecture Speech This is a fantastic example […]

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What type of blogger are you?

September 15, 20091 Comment

As part of a business blogging strategy, there are a couple of ways that you can choose how to write. Whilst as publishers we are all unique, there are some similarities in style of blogging than can be drawn. Each methodology has its own benefits, and can be combined in your overall blogging strategy to […]

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2009 this is real-time.

August 13, 20097 Comments

There’s absolutely no denying that this year on the web, for many companies, realtime delivery of information is the dream to chase.

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A simple guide to blogging etiquette.

August 12, 20094 Comments

When you first start out on the blogging road – your online role immediately shifts. You go from being a one time consumer of content to being a creator of content that other people read. This shift in role brings with it associated responsibilities to both your readers and other members of the online community. […]

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Why Myspace will never win the race.

August 2, 20093 Comments

For those of you living under a rock, Myspace was setup by entreupreneur Chris DeWolfe, and later sold to News Corp in 2005 for $580 million. At the start of social networking a couple of years back, Myspace was a forefront market leader, and users flocked to setup profiles and communicate between each other using […]

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8 of the best tumblelog platforms reviewed.

July 15, 20094 Comments

Tumblelog platforms significantly reduce the barrier to entry for blogging, making it easier for anyone to become a publisher.

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14 innovative marketing plugins for wordpress

July 6, 20099 Comments

Ever wondered what plugins you can install to market your content for you? This collection of 14 innovative marketing plugins for Wordpress should get you off to a flying start.

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