How Gandhi would write a blog comment.

June 10, 200911 Comments

Blog comments are without doubt one of the most useful ways to promote yourself online, but have a tendency on the whole around the web to be a relatively small part of people’s attention. Comments to many are  micro updates that don’t have much value. With the introduction of third party interactions in the social […]

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7 free blog client alternatives reviewed

June 9, 20094 Comments

There are often times when you inspiration hits you like a bolt out of the blue, and you are either away from the t’internet – or need quicker access to your blog. This collection should get you blogging even when disconnected.

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Must Measure Metrics for Bloggers. Part 2 Search.

June 2, 20091 Comment

In part one I’ve described rss subscription as an important metric to measure, the second of this three part post shows you how to setup and monitor the all importan site wide search in Google Analytics. Why monitor your searches? If you can see what people are expecting on your site, then it follows that […]

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Must Measure Metrics for Bloggers. Part 1 Rss.

May 31, 20093 Comments

Google Analytics is an awesome piece of kit – considering that it is free.  It pretty much measures everything a webby / blogger would want. However there are a few bits and pieces that I would recommend you measure on your website that take an additional bit of work on your part, but can enhance the statistics you are already collecting.

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How much time to put into a blog?

May 12, 20090 Comments

This is a question many newbie bloggers ask when they are starting out – and even seasoned pro’s sometimes find it hard to time manage.  It’s a question I’ve overheard on the grapevine recently. As your subscriber count grows, the pressure on you to produce content regularly to keep visitors happy increases. The other side […]

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11 unique web2.0 tracking tools for mind, body and wellbeing

May 9, 20093 Comments

There’s a new crazy in town. Lifetracking. Taking up where Twitter left off, a couple of services have cropped up around the web which are documenting your life further again. Lifetracking is the new Tweeting, with the main aim of providing a more thorough documentation of what you are doing, and when you are doing […]

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An idiots guide to WordPress installation and setup.

May 3, 200916 Comments

Wordpress is child’s play once you know how to get it up and running. This post takes you through step by step on how to get it installed and setup on your server.

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Thinking of popping your blogging cherry?

April 7, 20093 Comments

Things I’ve learnt about blogging in my first 18 months, and guidelines on what its worth considering when starting out a new blog.

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The Blogger’s Calendar

April 2, 20094 Comments

I’ve recently found myself thinking more seasonally / time sensitively in relation to blog posts. Regardless of whether you are a tech blogger or a personal one, taking note of what is going on around you is super important to aid your traffic growth.

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April Fool’s Day Roundup

April 1, 20097 Comments

April Fools day always brings with it fun and games, none more so than the blogosphere, this is a round up of some of the best from 2009.

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