Will voice bots soon be powering business?

December 10, 20160 Comments

Some of the most interesting tech startups popping up a the moment, are for me, anything to do with chat bots.

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Awards are bullshit

October 30, 20154 Comments

If this post comes across as jealousy. Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. In the digital space there’s no shortage of them. Name a field of specialism, and you can bet there will be an award for it. Blog awards, SEO awards, design awards, startup awards. They are all bullshit. If you are doing great […]

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The Art of the Startup – CS183B at Stanford.

October 24, 20140 Comments

I’ve previously written on the magnitude of resources available for teaching yourself anything online, but there’s also a plethora of information on the web surrounding online business.  Seed accelerator program  YCombinator have recently thrown their hat into the ring with an entirely online course on startups provided through a partnership with Stanford University.  CS183B, or How to Start […]

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15 awesome marketplaces to buy or sell a website

July 13, 20120 Comments

Looking for somewhere to buy or sell a website? Look no further. This collection of 15 marketplaces provides a one stop shop for sales.

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7 lesser known alternatives to Instagram

April 9, 20120 Comments

If you are wondering about some other, lesser known but equally as cool services that offer photo blogging services – look no further.

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3 Niche Grabbing Sites Similar to Pinterest

February 8, 20121 Comment

Good artists copy, great artists steal. Right? Sometimes its possible to grab the internet’s attention by flipping an established concept on its head by concentrating on a subset of an audience

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OnTact, a Simple WordPress Contact Solution

December 10, 20110 Comments

Need to get yourself organised? Need a way to easily find your contacts? OnTact is a commercial, supported theme that does just that.

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SOPA won’t stop the internet. It will merely force it further underground.

November 24, 20112 Comments

The Stop Online Privacy Act is a threat to us all. But the web is a resilient creature..

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Stop pageview chasing and let your users get on their way.

November 8, 20110 Comments

Instead of focusing all of their efforts on improving the user experience which will encourage repeat visits, and increase the stickiness of site overall, pageview chasing instead of satisfying users has become the new scourge of the web.

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Mind = Blown. Introducing the Magic Cube Holographic Keyboard.

October 15, 20111 Comment

In environments where space is at a premium, historically its been difficult to find a convenient yet practical keyboard solution. As many of you mobile users will know, typing anything more than a 140 character SMS update is often painful at best. That’s until now. Korean company Celluon have designed and built a virtual holographic display that tracks your typing […]

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