UK Crowdfunding website – Crowdcube launches.

February 15, 20110 Comments

Whilst many crowdfunding websites revolve around arts and music ventures, Crowdcube concentrates solely on equity for new business and startups.  It’s also one of the few startups in the UK provide crowdfunding services. If you fancy yourself as the next Peter Jones or Theo Paphitis, you can browse multiple profiles and business opportunities from companies seeking investment, […]

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7 of the best online collaborative drawing tools

January 22, 201110 Comments

Sometimes, the best way to communicate with someone else is to get out a piece of paper, and draw something out in black and white. The web makes collaborative communication easier than ever before, and now you don’t even have to be in the same room as the other person to show them exactly what […]

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14 online presentation tools to rock your socks.

November 21, 20104 Comments

This collection of 14 hosted online presentation tools will definitely make you rethink your powerpoint, and help you move your systems to the cloud. A comprehensive overview of what is out there at the minute.

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5 crowdsourcing sites to outsource your problems

October 27, 20103 Comments

Crowd sourcing is now a massive part of internet culture and offers a way for all of us to pool resources like never before, using the collaborative power of the web. The following post summarises some of them, and their main feature sets.

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The rise and rise of the digital dashboard.

August 20, 20106 Comments

I’ve noticed a growing trend recently in applications specifically designed to aggregate and display company data, and show business intelligence to users more elegantly. This collection of dashboard applications highlights some of the more interesting apps out there.

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Magic Trackpad, more than just another interface device?

July 30, 20100 Comments

The real reason Apple have launched the Magic Trackpad, laying the ground work for a military assault on the desktop market in 2010.

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9 crowdfunding websites to help you change the world.

July 18, 201052 Comments

This collection of nine innovative crowdfunding websites and web applications are designed to take the risk out of that creativity and innovation, allowing even the little guy to do something amazing. What will you create?

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MaxCDN now sponsoring us.

February 21, 20100 Comments

I’m pleased to announce that the kind folks at MaxCDN – a CDN (content delivery network) are now sponsoring Webdistortion. They have agreed to offer us their service at no charge, which is great for you guys as the site should now be a good bit faster.  We now join online monoliths such as, […]

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10 useful resources to generate local traffic and leads.

June 3, 20097 Comments

Relevant traffic is important for small businesses for a variety of reasons. If you own a business that deals primarily with local people, and are looking for your website to increase sales, there’s absolutely no point in having a shed load of visitors who have a quick read of your content, then disappear without actually converting into sales.

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How confident are you in your product?

May 19, 20090 Comments

Do you Zig whilst everyone else Zags? This post discusses a business in Ireland which break the mould by actually linking directly to their competition on their website.

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