Bizcamp Belfast Roundup & Competition

May 17, 20094 Comments

I eventually took the plunge and decided to talk at Bizcamp Belfast. The turnout was lower than Barcamp, but that may have been down to both the weather being typically Belfastish, and a bit on the damp side.  The NW200 road race was also on which probably prevented a few people from attending. However a […]

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Maintaining business focus to springboard success.

April 23, 20091 Comment

Out of all business skills, in my opinion focus has got to be one of the most important. I’ve seen people who run amok, generating idea after idea for new websites, new businesses, new concepts. I guess its in the creative type makeup. Personally I keep a notepad beside my bed, and frequently write down […]

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DIY reputation management with Netvibes.

March 18, 200917 Comments

Reputation management is everywhere, you can’t turn a corner on the web without seeing another service crop up out of the woodwork to monitor your company reputation online. Infact, there are entire companies working on commercial services to do just that. Trackur is one, Ratepoint another. So how do you go about doing this yourself? […]

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Market research on a budget. Survey tips.

March 11, 20093 Comments

The internet has provided a great mechanism for market research. Where previous traditional methods  include focus groups, panels or face to face interviews, via a wide range of mediums – the internet provides a cost effective route to getting the research you need when you need it at speed, and at a fraction of the […]

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The newbie guide to running a design business. Part 2.

March 8, 20092 Comments

Part one of my newbie guide to running a design business dealt with the essentials of getting a project off the ground, and winning a potential project / tender. Part two aims to deal with keeping a client happy. Including issues such as testing your developed site, after sale customer service – and the tools […]

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Creative businesses forum lauched!

March 3, 20090 Comments

At the weekend, quietly,  I launched a forum for discussing all things web design / development / small business related. This should become an extension of the blog, giving users an opportunity to participate a bit deeper and engage with the site. We hope for it to become a resource for creative industries / small […]

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The newbie guide to running a design business. Part 1.

February 28, 20098 Comments

Armed with the right resources, can anyone run a webdesign business? Lets face it there are lots of great resources out there from the inception of a project, right up to completion. If you are newbie in the field, and are wondering about how to get your processes and resources in shape, this is the […]

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14 awesome open source music sites for digital creatives

February 21, 20099 Comments

Hopefully this compilation of free open source and creative commons licensed music will help you to find the tunes you need to compliment your project – and who knows maybe it will help to propel the artist(s) to stardom.

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Back in business.

February 19, 20092 Comments

Phew.. It’s been a hectic few days, but I’m back.  For those of you guys still here, and sticking with me – thanks. For those of you who didn’t know what has been going on the past few days, I had ran out of bandwidth for this month, as the site got too popular for […]

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2009 life / geek goals.

December 24, 20085 Comments

Maybe it’s the time of year, but I’ve got very contemplative and restless recently. I know its not new years just yet but I’ve decided to create a 2009 to-do chart. Hey – if you don’t set target’s you’ll never reach any goals. So in no particular order, here’s what I want to achieve in […]

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