6 industries / businesses the web changed forever.

December 12, 20084 Comments

In the words of the mighty Bob Dylan. The times they are a changin’. Or correction – ‘the times they have a changed’. There are a many traditional industries that wish the internet had never happened, as their business models have been severely affected by it. Give it a couple of years and there will […]

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5 questions old school clients ask, (and how to handle them).

October 23, 20084 Comments

We’ve all had them. The old school client, who think that as a customer they are entitled to use you as a glorified computer operative. Unfortunately – whilst it is easy to just “do as they say” for an easy life, adhering to every client whim is often not in both parties best interests, and can often lead to problems further down the […]

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Word Up.

October 20, 20080 Comments

I’ve posted previous about the importance of tagging. Well, here’s one more cool reason. Wordle – takes your blog RSS feed, or a string of words you have created, and makes a neato mashup of the tags you have used. Here’s what it has generated for us: The implementation is a bit sticky. I freakin […]

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DIY reputation management

October 19, 20086 Comments

I’m a bit of a obsessive compulsive Ego-searcher. In fact I put together a wee tool a while back for combining some searches around the blogosphere, and spitting out an RSS feed for it. Knowing when someone has done you the favour of linking to you or when someone is talking about your product or […]

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Why the recession is good for software entrepreneurs

October 15, 20081 Comment

We have heard plenty of doom and gloom about the recession recently, but in my opinion the recession can be good for you. Good for both software entrepreneurs and for business in general. Less is more. Its a lesson loads of companies are learning now, with the current economic climate, and all too often should […]

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Why print designers are not web designers.

October 10, 20083 Comments

It’s a problem many developers have come up against in their career – working with a traditional print designer that thinks that design is design is design. Worse still is a corporate environment that fails to understand the same, with the result being that the finished solution is likely to be substandard. Unfortunately the skill set needed to […]

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29 awesome websites to promote your web based applications

September 21, 20082 Comments

I’ve been working hard on getting promotion, coverage and PR on our web based applications lately, and have stumbled upon some brilliant script directories and websites which provide free links if you offer products or scripts for sale, so for convience here’s the list as it stands. I’ll be keeping an eye on how quickly […]

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Using Twitter for Marketing, an alternative use.

September 13, 20084 Comments

I love my RSS feeds. In fact with my Google Reader showing in excess of 125 feeds, some would say I’m a bit of an RSS nut. Here’s another essential RSS feed to add to your growing collection. Custom twitter searches. Twitter for Marketing To backtrack a bit – If you are in business online […]

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Need an SMS marketing system for your website?

August 24, 20080 Comments

I’ve been working furiously this week to get another web application tidied up and out the door, and I can now proudly say that our SMS Marketing System – Webdistortion:MessageMate is now launched. I decided a few months back that there must be a better way for web managers and marketers to tap into the […]

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How to host a blog on a subdomain, a guide for dummies. Part 1.

August 20, 20082 Comments

As this is the age of blogging, and many people want to know step by step guides to setting up a blog, this two part guide shows you guys how to go about doing it. Part 1. Hosting The first step in setting up a blog, is figuring out how you are going to host […]

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