Chin up chaps. Keep that blog momentum going.

November 20, 20070 Comments

Sometimes you’ll find yourself doubting your own blogging ability. For me it doesn’t come naturally. But I know the juice is worth the squeeze. This blog was setup on a subdomain roughly two weeks ago. As a result I’m still in the Sandbox. And yes I do believe it exists. I’ve managed to make on […]

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The top 30 websites in Ireland. Who validates?

November 19, 20070 Comments

For no other reason than to perhaps shame them into submission, i’ve done a bit of research on which websites out there validate, and which ones couldn’t care less. Amazingly some of the companies advocating standards based design and adoption of web standards still are falling foul of perfect Zen. I’ve picked the top 20 […]

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Seven reasons why the majority of business blogs get it wrong.

November 18, 20070 Comments

Firstly you need to decide on your blogs purpose. The majority of blogs setup for business are a way of becoming an authority in the field. They also provide a customer response channel, and educate your potential customers. If you expect to get a blog readership properly setup, you are going to have to follow […]

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Choosing a domain name – the lowdown.

November 13, 20073 Comments

Choosing a domain name for your business can be crucial to its success or failure online. Many people think that their initial choice should be the business name, however a little creative thinking goes a long way online. More often than not a business name is simply too long to consider seriously for a domain […]

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The majority of web design companies just dont get SEO.

November 12, 20071 Comment

Some companies are far too comfortable in their business offering, and the way they traditionally win new tenders. Isn’t it time they started investing time and efforts in SEO?

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Six web celebs I’d love to have on IM.

November 11, 20070 Comments

It would be great to have some people available on instant messenger, this collection of so-called web celebrities would be my own pick of the bunch.

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The business case for blogging.

November 10, 20071 Comment

There are a number of reasons that you should be blogging for business. This post highlights some of the reasons, and how to maximise the impact that your blogging impacts make on your visitors. Click to find out more about them.

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