The Art of the Startup – CS183B at Stanford.

October 24, 20140 Comments

I’ve previously written on the magnitude of resources available for teaching yourself anything online, but there’s also a plethora of information on the web surrounding online business.  Seed accelerator program  YCombinator have recently thrown their hat into the ring with an entirely online course on startups provided through a partnership with Stanford University.  CS183B, or How to Start […]

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15 awesome marketplaces to buy or sell a website

July 13, 20120 Comments

Looking for somewhere to buy or sell a website? Look no further. This collection of 15 marketplaces provides a one stop shop for sales.

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7 lesser known alternatives to Instagram

April 9, 20120 Comments

If you are wondering about some other, lesser known but equally as cool services that offer photo blogging services – look no further.

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3 Niche Grabbing Sites Similar to Pinterest

February 8, 20121 Comment

Good artists copy, great artists steal. Right? Sometimes its possible to grab the internet’s attention by flipping an established concept on its head by concentrating on a subset of an audience

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60+ educational resources to teach yourself anything.

October 2, 20115 Comments

This collection of links and applications highlights over 60 quality educational resources that are available on the web.

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4 invaluable apps to reunite you with your lost or stolen tech

May 8, 20110 Comments

At one point or another, all of us  have lost one or more things close to us. The stress and distress caused by the misplacement of an iPhone, or Android or indeed a digital camera is all too familiar for a geek. Thankfully, technology has got pretty smart, and leaves digital footprints which can be […]

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35+ tips and tricks for sexier Google analytics reports.

March 20, 20118 Comments

Google Analytics is a fantastic product and I use it personally on a daily basis without fail. There is however a wealth of data hidden behind its reporting tools if you can just manipulate it the right way. This collection of tips, tricks and reports should hopefully get you off to a flying start in that regard, and should showcase just how flexible and powerful Google Analytics can be

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9 content curation tools that better organise the web.

March 10, 201111 Comments

Numerous content curation platforms, tools and websites are emerging at a rate of knots in 2011, making sense of the social web, and the mountain of content to be consumed. Here’s a collection of some of the standout startups.

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Antenna – your cross platform radio station for the web.

March 9, 20110 Comments

URL: Internet radio stations are numerous, but shouldn’t finding them be a tad easier? With the thousands of them to choose from, I often find ourselves returning to the same old tried and tested web apps for my music fix. Until now. Using the cross platform Adobe Air platform, Antenna is a desktop app […]

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How to extract video from Vimeo

February 26, 20114 Comments

Vimeo is a bit of a pain to extract the underlying video from. If you are looking to redistribute on YouTube and other video platforms this tutorial post shows you how.

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