Machine learning – the Ecommerce tool of the future.

November 28, 20150 Comments

One super interesting company that are only going to get more and more relevant in the world we live in today is Sentient Technologies. As well as being one of the most funded company in A.I. and being the brains behind some of the technology in Siri, these guys are building out a huge machine learning platform that […]

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3 simple structured data improvements for e-commerce websites.

September 1, 20130 Comments

There are plenty of technical improvements that can be made to an e-commerce site, to lift it from just the average to being well above average in terms of its performance. However, with social media platforms continuing to play a role in driving traffic, it makes sense for retailers to pay close attention to how […]

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35 step plan to beat your e-commerce website into shape.

July 2, 20122 Comments

E-commerce sales online are fiercely competitive. There are however lots you can do to give yourself the edge.

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Monetate – a unique testing, targeting and personalisation platform.

October 22, 20110 Comments

Monetate is a testing, targetting and personalisation platform all rolled into one.

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Stripe – trailblazing the way for more accessible payments.

September 30, 20110 Comments

Positioning themselves as something of a trailblazing startup, Stripe are leading the way for more accessible e-commerce for everyone.

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How big is Amazon?

May 16, 20110 Comments

As someone who has always been fascinated with Amazon’s long tail strategy, this fantastic presentation from French Agency FaberNovel perfectly illustrates exactly that. As the leading player in the e-commerce space, Amazon highlights just far big digital commerce has come, and the slideshare identifies and highlights the underlying factors, and innovations which have propelled Amazon to global dominance and success. Well worth a browse for anyone involved in online retail.

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Goodsie – DIY hosted e-commerce done right

April 13, 20110 Comments

Goodsie allows anyone to create a simplified, bespoke e-commerce solution that allows anyone to sell physical or digital goods. Frustrated by some of the complexities of other hosted e-commerce platforms out there, Goodsie aims to bring things back to basics, with a clear and simple approach to e-commerce.

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Tweet mirror brings social media to the high street

January 23, 20110 Comments

One company has brought social media within the reach of everyday retailers through their innovative “Tweet Mirror” product.

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5 surefire tactics to generate links to an e-commerce store

November 28, 20101 Comment

E-commerce stores are traditionally difficult to generate links for. This article examines some of the ways retailers can generate traffic to their stores, and build the valuable links that make a difference.

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Finding realtime product trends to maximise sales

July 13, 20100 Comments

Most website owners in the know recognise that keyword research, and staying ahead of online trends can be crucial to their success, and overall impact. Knowing what your audience are demanding can help you create content and information that fills a gap, and provides more targetted visitors to your site. But what if you are […]

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