5 hosted ecommerce cart solutions reviewed

May 30, 20107 Comments

Getting your hands dirty isn’t always an option for everyone looking to get started selling online, and the complexities of setting up, installing and configuring these shopping carts is often too much for many. Fortunately, there are a number of hosted e-commerce options out there, that allow you to get up and selling much more quickly than a custom build of a storefront – all by charging a monthly fee.

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How smart retailers are using social media to grow.

November 22, 20090 Comments

Social media for many is a daunting concept.  Many e-commerce sites are confused as to where to start, and have been slow to adopt the changing online landscape – however as part of an overall  e-commerce strategy it is well and truly here to stay. Smart retailers are dipping their toes into the somewhat unfamiliar […]

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6 more strategic tips for e-commerce websites

September 18, 20092 Comments

Following up on a previous (surprisingly popular) post, there’s a couple of other things online retailers can do to easily improve their site and traffic. Common sense tips on the whole, but overlooked in some cases. 1) Utilise Affiliates I’ve come into contact with far too many shops that still don’t offer their data up […]

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8 strategic tips for e-commerce websites.

August 16, 20091 Comment

Newcomers to E-commerce sites have it tough. Their very nature means that their linkgraph is all too often weak in comparison with larger competitors. With domain age also playing a big part in Google’s algorithm, all too often it’s a case of whoever was around first, and has the most links will win. However there […]

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E-commerce – it’s time to start adding value.

March 30, 20093 Comments

One of the fundamental problems with e-commerce on the web is that retailers think about an online shop in the same way they do an offline bricks and mortar store.

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A social media guide for e-commerce retailers

March 4, 20097 Comments

E-commerce sites, unlike some other web properties have been slow to change. I hate to use the cliche Web2.0 but if its the blanket term that we are all forced to use to describe the social change and shift in the web then so be it. Marketing has changed too, the old fashioned advertise with […]

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7 ways to gain fresh e-commerce traffic for free.

December 6, 20084 Comments

The true brilliance of owning and running an e-commerce store comes when retailers know how to and implement marketing online. So how do you even start that?

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Social e-commerce, 10 terrific sites every fashion retailer should use.

October 1, 20087 Comments

The web has increasingly become focused / obsessed with social media marketing, and as a direct result uk e-commerce retailers have started to look at the obvious benefits in using this medium online to increase visitor traffic and ultimately sales. Plenty of interesting sites have popped up which are social in nature, and have a focus […]

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Spyfu UK Reviewed: Adwords data for 14 high street retailers.

July 6, 20085 Comments

I did promise a bit of a review a while back of SpyFu. Unfortunately getting access to the system took a bit of hoop jumping, and thanks to a bit of a dodgy credit card voucher validatation on the site I’m only getting round to getting a look at the interface for myself. I’ve now […]

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Series: Mistakes with e-commerce. Part 3. Poor Post Sale.

June 18, 20081 Comment

In part one (Wrong Business Decisions) and part two (Poor Website Implementation) we discussed the ins and out of the commercial and software decisions to make with your e-commerce operation. So now you’ve made the sale, hooray pat yourself on the back, and your e-commerce operation is ready to boom right? Wrong. Post sale care […]

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