Facebook Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Reach.

May 6, 20150 Comments

As with any marketing platform online, there are ways to leverage the amount of traffic you get from them. Facebook in particular is notorious for the increased amount of effort (and creativity) brands need to put it to get results from it.

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How to Win More Swag on Facebook

January 25, 20140 Comments

Facebook is a rubbish platform to run a competition. Here’s how to exploit it for your own gains. Muahahahaha.

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Facebook Introduces Like and Share Buttons Redesign

November 6, 20130 Comments

Facebook have announced that they are rolling out a new design to their Like and Share buttons over the coming weeks. They have also released details on the current penetration –  with installs on over 7.5 million websites, and 22 billion views daily.  The new design is being rolled out in stages (across a % of users) […]

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How to Enable Facebook Graph Search (UK users)

October 13, 20130 Comments

If you are in the UK , and want to gain access quicker to Graph Search, there’s a simple hack you can do to turn it on and experience the joy that our US counterparts have already discovered.

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Facebook’s Muhammad Ali approach to Product Development.

October 3, 20120 Comments

Muhammad Ali’s championship fight the notable ‘Rumble in the Jungle‘ against George Foreman, is arguably one of the most captivating displays of tactical genius known in the history of boxing.

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Don’t build your house on someone else’s platform.

June 11, 20122 Comments

Filling the gaps in other people’s services is a risky strategy, and an unsustainable business model.

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Why Buying Facebook Fans is Social Media Suicide.

May 28, 20120 Comments

Metrics without context is a potential pitfall for any business. You sold 1500 widgets more than last week (yet made a loss through heavy discounts). You gained 1500 new customers in a month (but lost 500 repeat customers through poor customer service). As you can see – context is crucial in understanding performance. Yet when […]

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Pinviewer – View your Facebook content like a Pinterest board

April 19, 20120 Comments

Love Pinterest but are slightly peeved that you can’t pin anything from with Facebook?

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Facebook could face €100,000 fine for privacy misconduct.

October 20, 20111 Comment

Wondering what data Facebook are actually storing about you? That’s exactly the question that Max Schrems’ a 24 law student from Vienna has asked himself, and following a full data request of all his personal data from the service, coming up with some scary results.

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Tap11 to form part of new Delicious platform

May 9, 20110 Comments

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen today announced that they have acquired Tap11, the developer of a Twitter and Facebook analytics platform that allows brand owners and advertisers to monitor and measure the impact of social media campaigns. Tap11 becomes part of Hurley and Chen’s new company, AVOS, which recently acquired the social bookmarking site […]

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