Google App Engine. Time to learn Python?

April 11, 20080 Comments

At the start of this week the big G had a community preview release of Google App Engine, a platform for delivering scalable web applications. Basically the gist of the system is to hand all of your code to Google, who will run it for you on their servers. You get all the advantages of […]

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This years Google April fool’s :: Virgle, space travel

April 1, 20080 Comments

True to form good old Google have not failed in entertaining us again this year. Whilst Matt Cutts has refused to do any more April Fooling for a while, Google has come up with Virgle. A few bloggers have fallen victim…

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Predicting Google’s next steps. Will Web 2.0 triumph?

March 18, 20081 Comment

Where does a company like Google move to next? They have yet to solve the problem of search, and we have seen an explosion of web 2.0 ideas, within the search field. I’ve already blogged about a few of the not so hot search ideas already. In my opinion there is still plenty of scope […]

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Getting listed on Google quickly. Super Quick.

March 12, 20083 Comments

If (and I repeat *if*) I wanted to get my website listed on Google super quick here’s how I’d do it. I wouldn’t guarantee 48 hours inclusion with this, but then nothing in life is guaranteed. 1). Remember backlinks are God. Create an article, a decent article and get it up on your site. Make […]

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Google integrates Bebo search into SERPS..

March 8, 20080 Comments

Just noticed this interesting result appearing in a Google experimental search for Bebo. I’ve tried the same for Facebook, and it is just Bebo specific.

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The spammiest Google result ever?

February 4, 20080 Comments

Just found possibly the spammiest results I’ve ever seen in the index. I was looking for partition recovery memory pen . A colleague had got the dreaded “Windows cannot recognise – would you like to format?” message, and I was looking for a partition recovery tool. So we see a number of results hosted on […]

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What gives Yahoo? Why are you hiding Kelkoo data?

January 25, 20081 Comment

I had a project at work recently that requires me putting together a small desktop client to provide data to Kelkoo. In need of the XML specification for Kelkoo, I filled in the form on their site expecting a quick turnaround via email from a company as big as Yahoo. It appears that even though […]

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Quintura. Not scared of Google. Pity its pure crap.

January 7, 20081 Comment

I’ve seen these guys on numerous blogs, and sites. Advertising their ass off. I’m all for seeing a giant slayers win once in a while but it still amazes me how some startups just don’t get it. They have a brilliant marketing strategy. I mean, gents I love your banners. I clicked at least twice […]

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21 Steps to website success in Google for 2008.

January 5, 20082 Comments

There are a number of ways of promoting a site, however any webmaster worth his salt knows that search engine referrals are where you are going to win the majority of points. Link building is hard work, and it is much better to simply create content which will serve two purposes – generate search engine […]

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The Big G releases sitemaps for Video

December 19, 20070 Comments

The Big G (our own little nickname for Google), has released a new sitemaps protocol for video. So if any of you guys hosts videos on your site, its time to get integrating into your sites. More information can be found on the official Big G blog. Any plugin developers for WordPress feel that this […]

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