Google has become the fat portal we love to hate.

May 30, 20121 Comment

One of the more disconcerting trends in search of late is the move towards information fetching over just delivering search results.

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Google Enters Stealth Mode, Quietly Kills Off Experimental Search Labs.

May 27, 20120 Comments

Google have quietly killed off their experimental search offering and what used to be a resource for search geeks to get on the fast track for features has now gone to the great big 404 in the sky. Launched back in 2007, experimental search allowed visitors to opt-in to beta testing of various search features, […]

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Google+ launches new layout, leaves developers out in the cold.

April 11, 20122 Comments

Amongst all the fanfare and news surrounding #newgoogleplus is a story of bitter disappointment for developers who have spent countless hours hacking together third party extensions and add ons.

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15 creative Google+ hangouts that illustrate its true potential.

April 7, 20120 Comments

15 of the most creative and exciting uses of Google+ hangouts which showcase both user and programmer innovation on the platform.

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Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses – Project Glass

April 4, 20120 Comments

Developed from within Google X the secret research facility within the Googleplex, Google have today shared their vision of the future, and have released a first person perspective video showcasing their augmented reality eyewear, which is the company’s first foray into wearable computing.

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Google rollout social features in Docs, swipes back at Microsoft.

February 22, 20120 Comments

Google have just showcased the new social collaboration features inside Google Presentations with a quirky video that takes a cheeky pot shot at Microsoft. Introducing their collaboration features that are now available in the browser – this tongue in cheek advert mimics the exact approach that Microsoft took with their OneNote product advertising in 2010, showing […]

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How to trick Google into Giving you Realtime Search.

February 19, 20121 Comment

As many of you will already be aware, with the Twitter deal going down the tubes Google realtime disappeared into the ether a while back. As Google build out their +1 service, undoubtedly it will make a return somewhere in the future for all of us. There is however, the alternative – Google offer a […]

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Bravery is where innovation goes to make babies.

February 16, 20120 Comments

Airing during the Grammy’s this recently released ad from Google tells the story of lost memories. Like most great stories,  the script behind this ad was conceived from real life, actually from one of the team members on the Google+ team. All of us can relate to a similar event somewhere in our lives where […]

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If targeted advertising is the currency of free. I’ll pay.

February 2, 20121 Comment

If you are as much a techhead as me, no doubt you’ll notice that this week, the web has been all a swirl with a couple of meaty main topics.  Facebook’s recent S1 filing, Google’s introduction of Search Plus Your World and decision to change their privacy policy to consolidate data about you and me across […]

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Will Google link business pages to profiles in the SERPs?

January 9, 20120 Comments

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that Google currently face is getting businesses to engage with people on their platform.

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