Google Currents – Content Curation for Mobile.

December 11, 20110 Comments

URL: Google Currents is a new mobile centric curation tool released from Google. (Not yet available outside of the U.S. although I managed to get around it with Market Enabler. ) According to the Google mobile blog – Content on Currents is optimized solely for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to intuitively navigate between words, […]

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How to get the new social version of YouTube.

November 29, 20110 Comments

Want to see the new social version of YouTube before anyone else? Take a peek here for instructions.

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Google+ adds easier facial detection to photos.

November 18, 20111 Comment

Google have just announced that they have rolled out a new feature for tagging friends in albums. The change replicates the feature already available inside competing social network Facebook, however Google’s face detection algorithm built into the software (the likely result of an acquisition of Carnegie Melon spin out Pitt Patt) offers a vastly superior […]

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YouTube to get a makeover, along with new social features.

November 18, 20111 Comment

According to Business Review USA, the below screenshots have been leaked online for what looks like Google’s updated design for YouTube.

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Google+ for Brand Pages launches.

November 7, 20112 Comments

Google have just released Brand Pages bringing the same functionality available for individuals to businesses.   Some of the brand pages already created and up and running on the platform include All American Rejects,  Anderson Cooper 360, Angry Birds, Barcelona Football Club, Burberry, Dallas Cowboys and Good Morning America amongst others.  The official Google+ business page  highlights just what is in store for businesses within the […]

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How the Google doodle team created the Halloween logo.

October 31, 20110 Comments

Today’s time lapse Halloween logo from Google is pretty impressive. I’m sure many of you have already sat and watched it the whole way through. This video from the Google doodle team shows just how much effort went into creating one of the most interesting doodles we’ve seen to date.

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Google+ introduces ‘Ripples’ visualising social sharing.

October 30, 20110 Comments

In the past few days, Google have introduced a brand new visualisation and analytics feature into Google+. Ripples.

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Hey Google where are my real time protocols?

October 27, 20110 Comments

This video published from Google webmaster help on YouTube raises an interesting question. How does Google know who owns content, and what is the canonical source of it. It’s a problem that many content publishers suffer from. You publish a new, unique piece of content, and the people who syndicate you end up getting a […]

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Google accidentally publishes Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

October 22, 20110 Comments

A PDF document, has emerged used internally by quality testers, for the step by step processes that Google takes when reviewing for quality.

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Google Street View Train takes to the Alps.

October 20, 20110 Comments

In cooperation with Rhaetian Railway, Google Street View has collected images from one of the world’s most scenic railway routes—the Albula-Bernina line in Switzerland. Google took a trike mounted version of their camera, and strapped it to flat rail car which was pushed through the mountains on the Albula Bernina railway. It’s not the first […]

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