What is driving engagement on Google+?

July 9, 20110 Comments

Why are people sharing more on Google+ than other social platforms?

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Google+ Review

July 3, 20114 Comments

A quick look at inside Google+ and what it means for all of us. Will it become a Facebook killer?

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How to Export Facebook Photos to Google+

July 1, 20111 Comment

URL: Wondering how you might get all of your photos out of Facebook and onto *ahem* another platform? Well wonder no more. PickNZip is a neat little application that allows you to do just that, all via a simple point and click web application interface. Simply sign in with your Facebook account, and select […]

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Google+ People Search. Improve your visibility.

June 30, 20110 Comments

Wondering the best way to increase your Google+ people profile? This post explores the best ways to improve your visibility.

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Google start to highlight content creators in Search.

June 30, 20113 Comments

Following on from their announcement two weeks ago, that content creators have influence, Google have rolled out a new feature that shows the Google profile of certain content creators in the search results. For example, if you perform a search (as I did this morning) for content produced by ‘Matt Cutts’ you’ll see his profile […]

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Google +1 – the Digital Media War Room.

June 15, 20111 Comment

There are few services which aptly get to grips with social ranking algorithms to show popular content across services. These are my hopes for Google +1.

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Google people search. How big is Google’s social network?

June 12, 20111 Comment

Having taken a peek at Google’s  robots.txt file, I uncovered a pretty interesting URL. (It’s a biggish download if you are wondering why your browser is struggling). Turns out the entire list of Google profiles that Google has on it’s books (which are  forming the basis of Google +1) are all publicly available. Just out of curiosity I […]

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Why Facebook Won’t Put Google Out of Business

June 5, 20114 Comments

I’m pretty many of you noticed the Techcrunch guest post last week, “Why Facebook will put Google out of Business”. Lets put this bullshit to bed shall we?

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Google Places offering 3D business photos

May 14, 20110 Comments

Google have turned the heat up another notch in their bid to attract users to Google places. The more formal introduction of Google business photos this month by Marrisa Mayer at  the Social-Loco conference shows that they are planning on ramping up the quality of information found within businesses listings, and are using 3d business […]

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