Turn WordPress into a romping stomping newsletter machine!

January 9, 20107 Comments

Everyone knows that email is one of the best converting tools in your online marketing arsenal.  As a sales tool, it kicks arse, as customers have already opted in to hear your message, and are far enough down the relationship chain to care about your message. There are a shed load  of email marketing systems […]

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Old school internet marketing 1.0

September 10, 20094 Comments

With the rise and rise in social media, its often easy to overlook the slightly old – school marketing methods to help your site grow. Not every site vertical fits perfectly into with the demographic of users within digital marketing channels such as Twitter or Facebook, and depending on the audience sometimes its back to […]

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10 stonking email marketing systems reviewed.

February 16, 200935 Comments

Email marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy online. Period. No matter whether you are a big dog, or a little pup, permission based email marketing is powerful, relevant and well worthy of your attention.

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8 features you need in email marketing software

February 8, 20095 Comments

Email marketing works. It’s the way many of us communicate on a daily basis with our customers. Provided the email content remains personal, relevant and above all permission based, email marketing can revolutionise your business. The beauty lies in the viral nature of it, with the ability to quickly forward to a friend or someone else who may be interested in a particular commercial offering.

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How quickly do you reply to email?

December 11, 20071 Comment

If you are running a web based business, then it is absolutely crucial that you reply quickly to emails. Your customers expect a reply from an online store, or business quicker than they would if they left a voice message. The reason being – an online shop – if open, carries the same expectation that […]

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What lies in the future for email?

November 27, 20070 Comments

Many people wonder how email as a communication medium has not died under the barrage of spam. Granted the spam wars are not a thing of the past as predicted by Bill Gates just yet. As spam detection ges more widespread, the way that spam reaches us steps up a gear. We have seen over […]

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10 tips on how to avoid email marketing campaign failures.

November 21, 20072 Comments

1) Double Opt – in your list The bounce rate with double optins is usually lower compared to those were you have the email address not confirmed. Make sure your email marketing software implements this – otherwise you may find that your list gets filled with users who have made a typo in their email […]

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