Why Reddit will be the new Digg.

January 8, 20111 Comment

If you hadn’t already heard – Digg is dying. Yes, the social media monolith, that used to make servers administrators shake with fear at its mere mention, is leaking users and cool points faster than Kevin Rose.  It’s no surprise he has chosen to distance himself and concentrate on other projects. Traffic is down, and […]

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6 essential tools to determine social media influence

December 23, 20107 Comments

Now that Google have admitted that social signals from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are going to be used in their algorithm for ranking, its never been more important to start building influence. So how do you determine your social media influence?

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A closer look at behaviour on Facebook and YouTube.

October 31, 20100 Comments

A recent study by the IAB shows visitor behaviour on Facebook and Youtube, this post summarises the results of those findings.

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How to datamine facebook (without getting sued)

October 24, 20101 Comment

Ever wondered how to get more information out of Facebook? Surely there is a better way than their current search to mine data from their servers. This post explores some of the options.

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This is why social media rocks.

October 13, 20104 Comments

I’ve recently come across a brilliant story which captures perfectly the essence of why social media empowers us. This isn’t your average Starbucks marketing campaign.

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3 silky smooth social media startups to watch out for.

October 4, 20102 Comments

I’m sceptical of many new web services to hit the web, as often they are old ideas repackaged as something else. Recently however, I’ve discovered  couple of truly unique ideas for web applications that have left an impression with me.

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Segmenting question queries for fun and profit.

July 24, 20104 Comments

This post examines a few ways you can investigate your web analytics software to find “question phrases” which will help you to improve your website.

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7 tips for more successful internet fundraising

July 20, 20101 Comment

Fundraising isn’t easy at the best of times, if you are wondering how best to utilise internet fundraising, and avoid the pitfalls – this post examines 7 tips for better response rates, and increased revenue online.

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Analysing social media marketing without Google Analytics.

April 25, 20107 Comments

As I’ve already discussed in the series, there are a number of ways to monitor the results from your marketing efforts, via Google Analytics, but unfortunately – these tools don’t give context. Social networks are more and more giving us the data back to make informed decisions, but with the more closed platforms – data […]

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