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Creating mindblowing social bait – micro content updates that work.

April 23, 20121 Comment

Its no longer just good enough to create engaging content on your own website that drives traffic, you have to rock the Casbah on Facebook, Twitter et al to be considered a true guru™ of the online space. That means updates and statuses that generate retweets and likes and reshares.

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PirateBay takes cloud computing literally, experiments with airborne drones

March 18, 20120 Comments

As one of the most visible members of the anti-copyright or pro-piracy movement, and a facilitator of file-sharing the notorious Pirate Bay website has had its fair share of raids and attacks from government officials attempting to shut it. As such, the architecture and internal systems used have been focused firmly on hands free decentralised computing […]

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The next step in geolocation – social awareness

March 8, 20120 Comments

Location aware applications for mobile have become commonplace. Everything from Foursquare, to Google Latitude to Gowalla to Facebook places. All of these startups rely on one common factor – checkins. In almost all cases, users need to actually be willing to share a status update that shouts to the world exactly where they are, and […]

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9 social websites that offer ‘real life’ offline interaction.

February 26, 20121 Comment

As the web becomes more and more ubiquitous in everyday life, the number of sites which have cropped up to bridge the gap between offline experiences and online experiences has grown substantially. It is no longer a ‘geeky’ thing to meet and make friends people in real life that you’ve only met in online communities. […]

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10 Common Mistakes with Social Media

February 17, 20120 Comments

Often with social media, brands and businesses think they can just jump in and get going. I mean how hard can it be? Often the results are less than favourable, with users either breaking core guidelines of the marketing platform they choose, or worse still ending up with a PR disaster that can’t be erased […]

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Social Media’s Increasing Role in Fighting Crime.

February 12, 20120 Comments

Social media may lead the charge in reporting, but this in turn has also given power back to everyday people in the combatting and the reporting of crime.

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Small is the new big – social media is growing up.

January 17, 20121 Comment

Small is the new large in social media, and I’ve no doubt that trend will only become more evident in 2012.  As users have got to grips with the platforms already available to us, we have come to realise the benefits in cultivating tighter, smaller and more valuable relationships with others online (as we do in […]

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22 social media recipes to easily cross post your updates.

November 19, 20117 Comments

The following post provides just a few of the recipes available for the interconnection of accounts and with a bit of creative thinking you should be able to chain many of these together to suit your needs and reach a bigger audience.

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7 ways to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

September 22, 20110 Comments

Published as a Guest post on leading Northern Ireland Jobs Portal – There’s no denying that LinkedIn is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Recruitment industry. With more than two million business professionals joining the service over the past nine months, the total number of users in the UK has now […]

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Why I don’t have much Klout – and why I couldn’t give a monkeys about it.

September 22, 20113 Comments

One of the recent darlings of social media is Klout, the social media performance gauging service that apparently lets you see how influential you are across Twitter, Facebook and now recently Google+. Heres why I don’t care about it.

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