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Crowdsourcing content to grow your traffic.

September 18, 20110 Comments

Far from being a frowned on practise, even large, established bloggers on major publications are using crowdsourcing to build up detailed third party resources and information around a topic, and it’s an often overlooked option for site owners struggling to create fresh content when trying to build up and improve their site.

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You’re not a social media expert, you’re just another schmuck with a Twitter account.

April 24, 201124 Comments

There’s no denying that the web is full of snake oil salesmen, and with the explosion of social media, there is no shortage of charlatans looking to make a quick buck, establishing themselves as consultants and ‘social media experts’. Experts my arse. Give a man a Twitter account, and he’ll tweet for a day. Teach […]

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Creative job hunting techniques for social media fans.

March 27, 20110 Comments

Sometimes you come across marketing creativity that really makes you sit up and take notice. When faced with the unenviable task of searching for a job,  and marketing yourself,  the web and social media provides a variety of opportunities that wouldn’t work with other mediums. This collection of creative job hunters have thought outside the […]

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Mobile Devices – how we get local news.

March 14, 20110 Comments

Ex-Googler Vanessa Fox, and the team at NineByBlue have produced this great infographic using data collated from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Project for Excellence in Journalism. More information available here @ State of the Media 2011. Click to see it full size.

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HyperAlerts – Google Alerts for Facebook

February 28, 20111 Comment

Getting alerts from Facebook pages is difficult, especially if you manage multiple pages. HyperAlerts changes that, by bringing multiple account alerts management to the masses.

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Taking a social media fly though of your favourite checkins

January 13, 20111 Comment

A number of ways to visualise checkins are available on the web, this post summarises just some of them rockin’ the location web scene at the minute.

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Memolane – a Time Machine for your Digital Life

January 10, 20111 Comment

An overview and review of digital timeline app, Memolane, winner of StartupWeekend Copenhagen.

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Why Reddit will be the new Digg.

January 8, 20111 Comment

If you hadn’t already heard – Digg is dying. Yes, the social media monolith, that used to make servers administrators shake with fear at its mere mention, is leaking users and cool points faster than Kevin Rose.  It’s no surprise he has chosen to distance himself and concentrate on other projects. Traffic is down, and […]

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6 essential tools to determine social media influence

December 23, 20107 Comments

Now that Google have admitted that social signals from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are going to be used in their algorithm for ranking, its never been more important to start building influence. So how do you determine your social media influence?

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A closer look at behaviour on Facebook and YouTube.

October 31, 20100 Comments

A recent study by the IAB shows visitor behaviour on Facebook and Youtube, this post summarises the results of those findings.

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