Focus. Playlists for Coding.

April 14, 20150 Comments

  Whilst some prefer total silence to concentrate, personally I find particular soundtracks work better when trying to get into ‘the Zone’ when writing code. Thankfully, the web provides plenty of playlists freely for Spotify and other radio station alternatives to make getting up and going and back at it that bit easier. I’ve grabbed them here […]

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Implementing Keyboard Shortcuts in your Web Application.

September 22, 20130 Comments

Keyboard Shortcuts are an important accessibility enhancement, often forgotten or ignored in a web application. So what is out there to help?

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40 Useful Resources for Twitter BootStrap Fans.

November 6, 20120 Comments

This collection of resources around the project showcase the best of what the web has to offer Bootstrap fans.

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Timeline – Create Scrolling Timelines with jQuery

March 28, 20120 Comments

URL:   Timeline is a beautiful javascript library for producing interactive, scrolling timelines. Built on top of jQuery, it offers an easy way to pull in a variety of media types to your document, and display in an easy to browse way. Out of the gates Timeline has built in support for pulling in Tweets […]

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11 innovative solutions to bring real time push to your webapp

February 2, 20120 Comments

Looking for easier ways to implement real time push? Search no more.

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Hackers Build Siri Clone in an Afternoon.

January 31, 20120 Comments

Following a Quora thread asking exactly how hard it would be to implement an Apple Siri clone from scratch, NiobiumLabs alongside some  students of the National Technological University of Athens decided to have a bash at exactly that. Utilising freely available open source tools, the team managed to create a working clone of Siri in just an afternoon. […]

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Impress.js – the creative javascript presentation library.

December 31, 20111 Comment

Impress.js is a javascript library which takes the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions and enhances it

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Mobile Application Development – the Essential Toolkit

June 26, 20111 Comment

When it comes to mobile application development, there are a number of resources readily available on the web to help you pick up the pace.

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Open source search engines every developer should know about.

May 29, 20111 Comment

Search is a crucial feature of any website. This collection of open source search engines will help you provide a faster, stronger better solution overall.

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Clouds – sit back and fly with WebGL

April 3, 20110 Comments

Clouds is a new experiment from the talented javascript developer Mr Doob, who has brought us a number of the demo’s showcased on Chrome Experiments. This latest featured experiment published on his website yesterday uses the full power of WebGL to brings us depth of field and an amazing 3d experience in the browser. You can see […]

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