How to control the snippet used in Facebook

March 1, 20113 Comments

How can you control what is published to the Facebook stream when your article is shared? This post takes you through the steps, along with WP plugins.

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How to (fully) integrate YouTube into Facebook

January 30, 20116 Comments

Ever wondering how to go about integrating your Facebook fan page with YouTube? This tutorial takes you through the process from start to finish with full PHP code to download.

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How to (fully) integrate WordPress with Facebook

January 3, 201128 Comments

There are a number of Facebook tutorials, including my own offering examples of FBML to add additional functionality to a Facebook fan page. However, on many occasions these tutorials fall short of the mark, with no server side functionality currently available via FBML, connecting to databases, or consuming information from other sources is difficult.Third party […]

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60+ .NET libraries every developer should know about.

February 16, 201058 Comments

Every good developer knows never to re-invent the wheel, especially if there is software out there that has been tested by others, and has an established track record.

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19+ resources for finding and hosting source code.

July 23, 20095 Comments

The web makes both project collaboration, and source code sharing that bit easier. This collection of sites are a combination of earch engines, and code hosting environments where you can find open and closed source software that you can both adapt and learn from.

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JQuery mouse recording with

June 4, 20091 Comment

Right at the core of many web applications lies the age old problem of usability testing. How can you accurately watch what users are doing, and when they are doing it? Some solutions exist already, but alas they are charging for the priviledge. Sooo.. I decided to cook up something myself, and share it with […]

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Mozilla’s Jetpack is go!

May 21, 20091 Comment

If any of you have tried developing Mozilla Firefox plugins before – you’ll know that whilst they are loosely based around technologies such as HTML, there is a certain amount of navigation away from the technologies towards XML and RDF. You also have to worry about packaging your plugin in XPI format for installation by […]

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12+ open source projects for .NET you probably didn’t know about.

March 6, 200927 Comments

Us .NET developers get it tough. There is enough MS bashing to bury us three times over, and we’ve learned to take it on the chin. You know the type – those dev’s and designers who continually boast of their open source credentials, and full stack frameworks.

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13 screengrab webservices for web applications.

February 25, 20095 Comments

There comes a day in every developers life where he has to find a way of taking a direct screengrab of a URL. Whether that be for a custom search engine, or just to make things pretty. So how do you best go about doing that? Well. There are two options. One you can generate […]

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JQuery Google co-op engine

December 29, 20082 Comments

Was having a play about last night with Google co-op, and I’ve went to the trouble of collecting some JQuery plugin sites. So if you are looking for an accordion effect, or Coda popup bubbles, or apple menus or sortable table it’s a one stop shop. There are over 1048 sites being indexed for plugins […]

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