28 useful graphing solutions for web developers

November 12, 200811 Comments

A frequently updated collection of javascript charts, gauges, and graphing solutions for web developers, including HTML 5 graphs.

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Web applications. Time for sound?

November 9, 20084 Comments

I’ve been thinking recently about reintroducing sound events into some of our web applications. The web has moved on from midi files as background music, and sounds on ever button with a web page. We’ve become more grown up when it comes to multimedia. But perhaps now is the time for adding complimentary sounds to […]

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Why code?

November 8, 20080 Comments

To the ordinary man on the street we are geeks. To me, anyone that codes has the power to create something brilliant. I code because it empowers me. We can shape online worlds, we can create entire brands from an idea. We are the masters of the digital universe. Like puppeteers we pull the strings of our […]

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29 awesome websites to promote your web based applications

September 21, 20082 Comments

I’ve been working hard on getting promotion, coverage and PR on our web based applications lately, and have stumbled upon some brilliant script directories and websites which provide free links if you offer products or scripts for sale, so for convience here’s the list as it stands. I’ll be keeping an eye on how quickly […]

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August 26, 20080 Comments

Just finished putting together a little one day bank holiday day project of mine – – a question based search engine. Basically the gist is that it is the million dollar home page concept, reworked into questions. Ask it a question, and if a buyer has already purchased that question, well then you get […]

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Swurl. A great service, but oh dear. XSS vulnerabilities.

August 18, 20080 Comments

A new lifestreaming service from swurl is a great solution to managing your social profile, but contains XSS bugs.

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Yahoo FireEagle Launched

August 15, 20081 Comment

I’ve just received an email through from the FireEagle team to let me know that FireEagle is now up and running for the general public. Basically, what FireEagle does, is to set co-ordinates for a person at any one time, allowing you to update your location from multiple devices, including mobile devices such as the […]

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Twitter Appender with Log4Net.

August 9, 20080 Comments

For those ASP.NET developers amongst you who don’t know what log4net is, it is the best logging platforms for code monkey’s there is. It uses various appender structures to send log messages to different protocols, e.g. you can send your log messages to email, or to any TCP port, or to a file or to a database. […]

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UK Government introduction of crime maps.

July 30, 20081 Comment

Its has never been more relevant for government organisations to begin investing in internet technologies and data mining, and it’s great to see numerous progressions on the web in the UK to this end. Just yesterday, number 10 decided upon the introduction of online crime maps following in the footsteps of some other American based similar projects, […]

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Pushing the boundaries of web design. The ultimate user interface.

June 11, 20081 Comment

Designers by nature love to change things. If they aren’t dropping caps to suit a design, they are trying to push the boundaries of what the browser can do.

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