Five of the best free uptime monitoring tools for developers.

May 31, 200817 Comments

Many clients often ask how to go about monitoring how available their website is, and their are many useful tools online for doing just that. If you’re an online business your profit line depends on how available your website is to your audience, and if you are a blogger like moi- well then you may […]

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Five of the coolest twitter api applications.

May 9, 20087 Comments

I’ve not been bitten by the Twitter bug as of yet, I’m firmly seated in the “dont really get it” camp -that said, there seems to be plenty of interest online, plenty of dedicated followers and as this post indicates and plenty of innovative usages / startups based around the API of the service. Some […]

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Please let “I code in Notepad” die. A rant to Notepad users.

April 30, 200812 Comments

Im sick sore and tired of listening to certain segments of the design / development community spout about how brilliant a coder they are. Just because they use Notepad.

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Why the first answer to a problem, is nearly always second best.

April 23, 20080 Comments

Programmers by nature are problem solvers, clients come to the table with a problem, and its our job to tell the computer how to solve it. Unfortunately I’ve discovered that all too often the first solution to a problem becomes the only solution, as humans we are inheritantly lazy when it comes to problem solving. […]

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ASP.NET News management script released.

April 6, 20080 Comments

I was giving you all a sneak peek the other day of our news management script. Well the program is now live, and available for purchase at the cost of $110 You are all invited to come have a nosy around, and see what you think yourselves. I’m planning on adding support for a […]

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Sending SMS Messages using 24x and VB.NET

April 2, 20082 Comments

If any of you have ever had a need for sending SMS messages, can I suggest the excellent 24x sms API. Please find for your enjoyment a free class to do just that, for Vb.NET. Simply set the properties and away you go. I’ve never been able to get WordPress to play particularly nicely when […]

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NHibernate. (Another Guide). For Visual Studio 2005.

March 13, 20085 Comments

NHibernate..Oh how I have struggled with you for the past day and a half or so..But eventually got there. Here’s what to do with Visual Studio 2005 that they dont tell you anywhere else. In your bin folder…I have a hibernate.cfg.xml file.. Which looks like this badboy. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?> <hibernate-configuration xmlns=”urn:nhibernate-configuration-2.2″> <session-factory> <property […]

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5 Coding Mistakes that Designers make.

February 23, 20082 Comments

Lets face it some of us are built for coding, and some of us built for design. Its a left brain and right brain thing, I’ve always maintained that people are mostly one or the other. Can you be a creative coder or a logical designer? My thinking is that the best of the best […]

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5 lessons webdevelopers can learn from Nintendo’s WII business model.

December 16, 20077 Comments

Everyone in the gaming industry has been surprised by Nintendo’s rise and rise in the video gaming market. Their new console the Nintendo WII (for those of you who have been living under a rock) has blindsided the major market dominators Microsoft and Sony. November 2006 was the first time that Xbox, Nintendo Wii and […]

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