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12 simple tasks to improve an established site

March 28, 20104 Comments

If you’ve been running a website or blog for any length of time, you’ll  realise  that its just as important to keep a site maintained as it is to add new content to it. To improve the overall performance of your site. Here’s a few things I think are worth bearing in mind.

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Motivating consumer behavior through game mechanics

December 23, 20099 Comments

Game mechanics are rule based systems that facilitate and encourage a user to explore and learn the properties of their possibility space through the use of feedback mechanisms. This post summarizes how your business can use them to your advantage.

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Surfing on a wave of internet demand to grow.

December 12, 20090 Comments

Increasing traffic to a website is hard work, and for many bloggers (particular those that blog for business), its the end goal that they are hoping to achieve. You can capitalise on existing demand for content by taking a bit of time to research. If you are struggling for traffic or new ideas to propel […]

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11 websites to keep your finger on the online pulse

December 7, 20099 Comments

If you happen to be in a market where you like to be cutting edge – and up to date with trends online as they happen, then you are going to need to find your information from a variety of sources.

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25 things I wish I’d known when I started blogging

October 19, 200955 Comments

Next month will be a milestone for me – I’ve been blogging now for around two years, and over that time I have to say I’ve learned a bucket load about how content works online, and indeed how content marketing can drive traffic to a website.

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How to grow your online authority.

August 6, 20095 Comments

Its important to raise your authority, and your perceived trust online in as many ways as you can. If you can do so successfully, you’ll start to see growth in readership, traffic and business opportunity. This post serves as a how to.

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3 simple tips to getting more qualified local web traffic.

July 19, 20091 Comment

All traffic is not equal, and its worth pointing out that site goals are equally if not as important in analysing success, and indeed in building profit and business off the back of your web efforts.  If you are concentrating on a niche geographic audience, you’ll have to work especially hard to generate local traffic […]

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3 simple ways to improve your site traffic by working offpage.

July 11, 200910 Comments

Sometimes, you’ll spending time away from your website content is a good thing. Whilst I’ve still an advocate for the content is king mantra, sometimes concentrating on the things you can do that aren’t content related is important. lIt allows you to come back with fresh ideas, and lets you concentrate on building up resources […]

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PR 2.0 and how the web is changing journalism.

July 3, 20091 Comment

The web has made making contact with the offline media much more accessible. The rise of social media and collaborative platforms such as Twitter have aided the process even further, and extended the reach of journalists to not just the heavy hitters in the industry, but to average Joe’s like you and me, with something […]

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6 common sense tips on how to go viral

June 25, 20097 Comments

If you’ve been creating content online for any length of time, you’ll know that its important every once in a while to churn out a really great post that is both comprehensive, useful and will attract links from around the web by going viral. Why would you want this? Well firstly you gain an influx […]

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