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Grab your Twitter brand while you still can.

January 10, 20092 Comments

Prevent yourself getting TwitterSquatted. Something that is becoming more and more apparent on Twitter is that major brands that are slow to adopt have the potential to get brand-jacked.  I’ve seen numerous discussions on Twitter and on various blogs and news pieces that highlight the importance of grabbing your brands twitter account.  Pat Phelan recently […]

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Just launched.

November 27, 20080 Comments

It’s my second blog, and has a design that for once I’m actually quite pleased with – not being much of a designer. Had the idea for a blog / magazine that would let me focus on a few other topics that weren’t really suited here. And what better way to celebrate our blog birthday […]

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Exponential growth. Traffic builds traffic online.

November 16, 20083 Comments

If you’ve been in the website development / promotion game for any length of time, you’ll know that with popularity online, traffic makes traffic. And trust builds trust. Once you start to see new traffic on your site you can be sure that as time goes on, assuming you’ve built an audience the traffic will […]

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8 simple ways to implement a user generated content strategy.

October 16, 200813 Comments

There’s only so much one person can do when promoting a site. If you are planning on hitting the big time, and receiving *thousands* of visitors a day, there’s only one way you’ll be able to grow exponentially. User generated content. This has been a bit of a buzz word in marketing circles for a […]

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Its never been more important to break news first.

October 7, 200810 Comments

I’ve always been of the opinion, if you can’t be first, be second but be better. Many people have pioneered the way online only for other people to come along and steal their thunder by being better. Facebook and MySpace being prime examples. The importance of breaking news first has long been the holy grail […]

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29 awesome websites to promote your web based applications

September 21, 20082 Comments

I’ve been working hard on getting promotion, coverage and PR on our web based applications lately, and have stumbled upon some brilliant script directories and websites which provide free links if you offer products or scripts for sale, so for convience here’s the list as it stands. I’ll be keeping an eye on how quickly […]

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What makes a great SEO?

September 18, 20082 Comments

I’ve been following recently with much interest at the response Lyndon has received over his recent announcement of a custom SEO recruitment service. It appears that hidden in the woodwork of the web there is alot of SEO talent out there not getting what they deserve. I’d be interested to see the breakdown of how […]

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Using Twitter for Marketing, an alternative use.

September 13, 20084 Comments

I love my RSS feeds. In fact with my Google Reader showing in excess of 125 feeds, some would say I’m a bit of an RSS nut. Here’s another essential RSS feed to add to your growing collection. Custom twitter searches. Twitter for Marketing To backtrack a bit – If you are in business online […]

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Get RSS alerts via SMS text messages (for free!)

July 26, 20083 Comments

There are loads of rss services on the web that I can think of a use for this, for example.. 1) Get an SMS text when someone comments on your blog 2) Get an SMS text when a severe weather warning is on its way 3) Get an SMS text when your favourite TV programme […]

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How to promote a web forum. Getting it off the ground.

July 1, 200811 Comments

Web Forums are traditionally extremely difficult to get off the ground, but are well worth the effort to create a sense of community around your site. Hopefully this post will give you a bit of a start. 1). Directing Traffic It is alot easier to get a question forum going on a site if you […]

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