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17 SEO steps to healthier website traffic

June 29, 200811 Comments

There are many people out there still wondering how to get the most out of a website and how to go about doing search engine optimisation themselves. The following post summarises some of the on and off page methods you should be using to help your site grow exponentially and get further up the search […]

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Why playing Theme Park reminds me of website development.

June 27, 20080 Comments

I have been known to occasionally bash the keys at various retro game titles such as the Bullfrogs classic Theme  Park, ( I know – I’m an eighties kid) and believe it or not, the strategies involved in building your theme park empire, are analogous with website development and promotion…There are tips you can apply […]

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Series: Mistakes with e-commerce. Part 1. Wrong Business Decisions.

June 15, 20085 Comments

Wrong Business Decisions 1). Wrong choice of product Many people think that its time to jump into e-commerce just because everyone else is doing it- or sometimes because competitors aren’t doing it. You have to stop and ask yourself, will my product lend itself to the web? Are other retailers selling this product successfully online? […]

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What webmasters can learn from Ocean’s Eleven.

May 12, 20080 Comments

Just watched this film (for like the tenth time), last week. And you know what? – There are definitely parallels to creating an awesome company website, and executing a precise plan of attack against three of the largest casinos in Vegas… Daniel Ocean is released on parole after a four year jail sentence for theft […]

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Pagerank update underway for April 2008.

May 1, 20082 Comments

Details on a pagerank update back in April 2008.

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6 quick steps to lowering your website bounce rate

April 26, 20088 Comments

As stated in a few posts, I wasn’t really happy with our site design, as it wasn’t producing the killer response that I wanted. The bounce rates overall were quite high, despite the fact that I had moved content into a more pleasing position (or so I thought). So the following are ten simple steps […]

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Why do we subscribe? The psychology behind rss.

March 8, 20080 Comments

I often think just before I hit that subscribe button..what is it that has made me want to stay up to speed with website xy or z? Normally my behaviour is based on a few simple things. Here’s my five thoughts on what turns a visitor into a subscriber 1) There is a load of […]

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A trip back in time, how 5 major bloggers looked when they started.

March 5, 20080 Comments

Everyone starts somewhere. The websites we know and love, mainly have started from nothing and grown to immense proportions. The same is true for the major bloggers within the blogosphere. The following is a bit of an insight into the hows, why’s and where’s. I’ve used the wayback machine for all this research, so if […]

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Alexander Graham Bell & the Holiday Logo.

March 3, 20080 Comments

What do Alexander Graham Bell, Mother’s Day, Easter and Frank Lloyd Wright all have in Common? No Idea? -They have all been featured in Google’s holiday calendar. And what is the result for webmasters? That’s right, if you can cover some of these topics in your blog or website, then the chances of receiving traffic, […]

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21 Steps to website success in Google for 2008.

January 5, 20082 Comments

There are a number of ways of promoting a site, however any webmaster worth his salt knows that search engine referrals are where you are going to win the majority of points. Link building is hard work, and it is much better to simply create content which will serve two purposes – generate search engine […]

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