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Being controversial when blogging. A double edged sword?

November 25, 20070 Comments

I thought I’d throw a curveball at the blogosphere. Just to see what would happen. I run Linux, infact I’ve just finished installing the latest version of Linux Mint – Daryna on this machine. The blog post I put out there was designed for traffic, and it worked. I posted it to Digg, (note in […]

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The top 30 websites in Ireland. Who validates?

November 19, 20070 Comments

For no other reason than to perhaps shame them into submission, i’ve done a bit of research on which websites out there validate, and which ones couldn’t care less. Amazingly some of the companies advocating standards based design and adoption of web standards still are falling foul of perfect Zen. I’ve picked the top 20 […]

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The lifecycle of a high traffic website. 16 steps to success.

November 17, 20070 Comments

1) You have no traffic You have virtually no website traffic at all. You’ve purchased your domain name, you’ve built your site, but you aren’t even in Google yet. You are a nobody online. 2) You are listed in Google for your domain name A search for your company / business name brings back your […]

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