Hooks Alerts App Review – web alerts for everyday life

April 12, 20150 Comments

URL: I’m a big fan of applications which automate the monitoring of other services around the web. Google alerts, Mention, Hyper alerts I’ve tried a fair few. Extending the concept out a bit further, new mobile app ‘Hooks’ provides a way of being a bit more specialised in the information online that you are […]

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Discourse – The Open Source Forum Solution We’ve All Been Waiting For.

November 30, 20130 Comments

URL: For the programmers amongst you, with a doubt you’ll be aware of Stackoverflow. Created by programming power house duo Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, it has grown in a relatively small space of time into one of the biggest sites on the web. When I say relatively small space of time, I mean – 2.2M uniques in […]

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SmartClock – Internet Connected Digital Metrics At Your Fingertips

November 20, 20130 Comments

As the “Internet of things” trend continues to gather steam, more and more companies are innovating with cloud connected physical devices that connect the web with the real world.

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16 Useful Services to Rock Your Startup Like a Boss

November 5, 20130 Comments

With business to consumer markets often being harder to penetrate, its no surprise to see more and more niche startups that solve business problems for other technology companies. I thought I’d share a few of the notable enterprise services I’ve spotted recently that have positioned themselves as business to business solutions for startups. Error Handling and […]

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12 mobile analytics platforms to better understand your audience

October 1, 20130 Comments

A collection of mobile analytics and testing tools providing you with information on how your audience truely interacts with your app.

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September 3, 20130 Comments

URL: With more and more of us sitting at our desks daily, and being glued to a monitor for most of the day, is a friendly pocket based reminder that the most healthy thing we can do is get up and move. The mobile app runs in the background of your phone and […]

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MixPanel Flow – Visualising Visitor Flow through your site

March 23, 20120 Comments

URL: One of the more frustrating areas within analytics tools such as Google Analytics, is the measurement of where people move to throughout your site. Whilst there is plenty of data there, its often difficult to make visual sense of unless you are something of a wizard at Excel. Enter Flow. A simple and […]

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March 18, 20123 Comments

Ask any active user of the social web how they find out about topical events and they’ll likely answer the same. They don’t – it finds them.

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Codiqa – jQuery Mobile ProtoTyping Tool.

March 4, 20129 Comments

URL: Adding to the already plentiful numbers of prototyping tools available on the web for free, Codiqa is a recently launched interface building app which is based around the jQuery Mobile library set. If you aren’t already familiar with jQuery mobile as a developer – you should be. The library offers a unified, HTML5-based user […]

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February 29, 20120 Comments

Adding to the many Pinterest copycat sites that we’ve seen in the past couple of months – popped under my radar this morning, and although its a topic I’ve blogged on before – it’s still good enough to share with you guys.

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