Speakpipe – Offering a new way to listen to your customers.

February 9, 20121 Comment

URL: Have you ever wanted to actual hear your customers directly? Traditionally, we take it as a given that communication online with customers is typically through some form of e-mail. A startup which is turning that notion on its head is SpeakPipe, which offers the ability to embed a widget on your site which lets […]

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ScreenLeap – Hassle free screen sharing with friends.

February 2, 20122 Comments

URL: Sometimes, web applications get bogged down in the tedium of registrations / corporate jibber jabber  and other such clutter. Its refreshing to see that ScreenLeap, the recently launched screen sharing application has avoid all of that hassle, and makes sharing your screen within anyone around the world absolutely effortless. There are alternative solutions […]

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Bottlenose – the multi porpoise social media dashboard. ;o)

December 13, 20111 Comment

Bottlenose attempts to make sense of the information within in an easy to navigate, multi purpose social media dashboard.

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Silk – weaves a path through the semantic web.

November 29, 20110 Comments

Provided they get adoption, and a healthy selection of datasets, Silk may just be the semantic query engine the web needs.

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Mozilla bring popcorn to the HTML5 video party.

November 9, 20110 Comments

Mozilla Popcorn is an open source javascript project designed to integrate semantic data into online video, and present it easily on your site.

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3 awesome eye tracking websites you need to know about.

November 5, 20114 Comments

The adoption of usability tests has become more and more mainstream, typically, performing quality eye tracking tests has been out of reach for all but the biggest agencies with unlimited budgets. Thankfully, we are seeing that change over time.

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FusionPublisher – Build an App within an App.

October 28, 20110 Comments

Currently in beta, FusionPublisher is a mobile application that lets you build your own custom mobile app within the application itself, and publish it live on the Apple store.

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Clipboard – saving the web one clip at a time.

October 16, 20112 Comments

Clipboard is one of those services that is useful enough to have widespread adoption, and once you get to grips with it and how it can be used, you’ll wonder how you have ever done without it.

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Mind = Blown. Introducing the Magic Cube Holographic Keyboard.

October 15, 20111 Comment

In environments where space is at a premium, historically its been difficult to find a convenient yet practical keyboard solution. As many of you mobile users will know, typing anything more than a 140 character SMS update is often painful at best. That’s until now. Korean company Celluon have designed and built a virtual holographic display that tracks your typing […]

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Hipsell – A hyperlocal mobile marketplace

August 31, 20111 Comment

Hipsell is a Canadian startup designed to connect buyers and sellers on a hyperlocal level. With Hipsell, you now have the ability to snap items on your phone and instantaneously have them up for sale on the web within 30 seconds, with an easy to use mobile application.

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