Tiggr – Cloud based Mobile Application Development.

August 2, 20110 Comments

Tiggr offers more than just mobile application prototyping. Its a serious development IDE in it’s own right.

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Youtify – A Great Spotify Alternative

July 3, 20110 Comments

Many of you will be aware that Spotify is no more. So.. here’s a great alternative that will rock your socks instead.

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daLockr – digital image tracking for the social web.

May 27, 20110 Comments

URL: daLockr is a new cloud based photo based startup looking to solve the problem with image assets on the web.  Based in Stockholm, Sweden – the beta launched officially today, and the service offers a couple of interesting features for those looking to share copy sensitive image based content on the web.  One […]

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Next generation Liveshare blows other photo apps out of the water

May 3, 20110 Comments

URL: Liveshare from Cooliris looks stunning. Based on their HTML5 platform, – LiveShare lets you collaboratively share photos, images and content between friends, all delivered in realtime to the web. As you take a photo on your mobile device, it is delivered instantly to other people within your designated group or stream. Similar in many […]

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Receive SMS alerts in Google Chrome – thanks to Texty.

April 29, 20111 Comment

Ever wanted to know when an SMS message or phone call is coming or send a text message from your phone through via your web browser? Well now you can, thanks to a Google Chrome extension that synchronises your smartphone events with your browser.

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April 21, 20110 Comments

Flat powerpoint presentations on the web is that typically, they doesn’t really portray what the author intended fully. That’s where comes in.

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Greplin – search social profiles online

April 21, 20110 Comments

Greplin adds additional searching power to your social profiles across the web, proving an easier, simpler way to find your lost links and shares

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OnSwipe – simpler, sexier tablet publishing

April 18, 20111 Comment

URL: I’ve spoken before on my thoughts about native apps verses web apps. Serial entrepreneur Jason Baptiste shares this vision with his recently launched application ‘OnSwipe‘, using the best in web technologies to create a fluid, better designed, more intuitive experience on tablet devices – without the fuss, and without the associated cost of native applications. The […]

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Screenr – one click screencast tool for the web.

April 10, 20111 Comment

Screenr is a cross platform, cross browser screen casting web application, which makes it perfect for user training and showcasing product demos.

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PusherApp – realtime push notifications for your web application

April 9, 20111 Comment

For me, one of the most exciting technologies to come out of the HTML 5 spec is WebSockets. A new way to “listen” for incoming messages and events occurring from the server side and pushing out the information to web browsers in realtime. Traditionally, developers have to regularly poll for information – which puts both stress on the client browser, and can be out of sync with the remote server. WebSockets aim to change all of that.

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