11 personal health web applications for a fitter, healthier you.

April 1, 20110 Comments

Health is one of those things that if you lose it, it’s difficult to get back. With more and more of us spending increasing amounts of time in from of the screen, to the detriment of our health, I decided to explore some of the applications out there that can actually improve our health for the better.

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Canvas – is this the most fun drawing app on the web?

March 28, 20111 Comment

Canvas is a fun application centred around one thing – image curation. Whilst we’ve seen plenty of websites and blogs focusing on this before (see Droplar or FFFound) – or ( EmberApp) but sometimes the curation process just needs a little extra sparkle.

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FindMaps – an OpenData mapping tool for the UK.

March 27, 20110 Comments

Last year the UK government released numerous datasets to the public, an example being the Ordnance Survey’s OS OpenData. However, to date the public has not had access to this data in a useful and accessible manner. FIND’s Personalise Your Map website is an exciting development that allows the members of the public to make use of UK government data for their own needs.

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Trendspottr – Social trends Engine.

March 20, 20110 Comments

TrendSpottr is a real time search and curation tool, which attempts to bring together the buzz and activity across a number of channels in one place, via custom software which algorithmically determines relevance, categorisation and usefulness for particular searches.

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Pen.IO – no frills content publishing

March 15, 20110 Comments

There are loads of times when you may need to share a large piece of text content online via a link, but don’t want to have to setup a blog or publishing platform to do it. Whether you are a coder needing to share your stacktrace or a tortured artist needing some poetic release on Twitter, steps into the breach with a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin approach to web publishing.

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A/B testing applications – Performable review

March 5, 20111 Comment

Performable offer a variety of products for the online marketer, including A/B testing, landing page design, lifecycle analytics and email automation. It’s innovative features are well worth a look.

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A/B testing applications – Unbounce review

March 2, 20110 Comments

Bucket testing or A/B testing is the process of segmenting a certain audience type on your website, and working out what performs best. It’s not just some buzzword that is thrown around in marketing circles, it should be front and centre in everyone’s mind when it comes to improving your website.

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Dropmocks – a sexy alternative to Twitpic

February 27, 20110 Comments

Looking for a sexy alternative to Twitpic without the ads? Course you are. Introducing Dropmocks.

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6 awesome apps to save you from buying a newspaper.

February 23, 20110 Comments

We all know newspaper’s are slowly dying. Circulation is dropping, display and classified ad revenue is drying up and paywalls are largely thought to be a waste of time, according to thought leaders on the topic at Harvard University. Thankfully however, there is a plethora of alternative social news apps which aggregate the content being shared […]

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9 free & open source forum software solutions

February 20, 20117 Comments

Forums can be a great way to encourage audience participation, and to change a website from a one dimensional entity into a full fledged community. Here are a couple out there on the web today to help you create that goal, each with their own benefits.

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