BO.LT launches URL shortener on steriods.

February 5, 20111 Comment

BO.LT is a new URL shortener – with a difference, designed with web professionals in mind, it combines testing, speed and URL shortening to bring a new flavour to the web.

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January 27, 201113 Comments

Vidly offers a solution to the problems of HTML5 video delivery, by offering a user agent based solution to deliver the correct format of video, to the correct browser. Take a look at this review of the service.

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23 lesser spotted delicious alternatives.

December 19, 20104 Comments

According to sources inside Yahoo, it appears that our once favourite bookmarking tool no longer fits inside the realms of the Yahoo business model, and as a sunset product, it is likely to be sold off to another company before long. Here’s a collection of some of the lesser known alternatives.

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The Kitchen Sink Guide to YouTube Software.

October 9, 20107 Comments

Independant blog review of youTube software, open source video clip resources and a breakdown of what sort of content to create for YouTube success.

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10+ lightweight cms options reviewed

September 19, 201020 Comments

Every once in a while, I’ve found that a fully featured CMS for clients, is just overkill. This review of open source and commercial lightweight CMS systems showcased a multitude of options for designers and developers.

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17 paypal alternatives for easier e-commerce.

July 28, 201072 Comments

PayPal has not been without its negative press. This collection of 17+ free and paid for paypal alternatives should meet the needs of just about anyone that is looking for an alternative provider.

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5 hosted ecommerce cart solutions reviewed

May 30, 20107 Comments

Getting your hands dirty isn’t always an option for everyone looking to get started selling online, and the complexities of setting up, installing and configuring these shopping carts is often too much for many. Fortunately, there are a number of hosted e-commerce options out there, that allow you to get up and selling much more quickly than a custom build of a storefront – all by charging a monthly fee.

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Remote control software for easier administration.

April 4, 20103 Comments

Technical support for many often has communication barriers. Sometimes, you’ll be emailing a client telling them how to do something and they’ll do something completely different – or you’ll be talking to them over the phone and they will misinterpret your directions. In many cases, unfortunately,  its often quicker to perform the task yourself, than […]

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10 of the best web based storage solutions reviewed

March 18, 201011 Comments

We all know what an absolute nightmare data loss can be so – I’m gonna take a look at some of the best of the best online storage and backup options out there at the minute.

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8 free web based project management systems reviewed

December 18, 200935 Comments

A wise man once said “fail to plan – and plan to fail”. This all too often applies to web design and software projects and it’s a must if you are running your own design business. Thankfully web based software being what it is now, we are able to do all of our planning right […]

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