5 creative linkbait campaigns from around the web

November 8, 20094 Comments

Whilst article marketing and blogging is one way to try and attract links to commercial sites, often there is greater benefit in building or creating something tangeable which itself will result in people linking to you.

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Awesome heat mapping tools to increase your conversions.

October 13, 20096 Comments

Considering that this is the year the web concentrated on chasing real-time services, it’s no wonder we’ve seen web analytics packages jumping on the bandwagon. Watching your visitors exploring your site as it happens, can highlight problems with landing pages, and give you a better understanding of the experience your site visitors are having. Heat […]

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The Tortoise or the Hare approach to blogging?

September 27, 20092 Comments

If you are blogging for traffic and increased exposure, you’ll know that the more you write, the better your website will perform. But how often should you post on your blog?

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Hangin’ with my home boy Matt Cutts.

September 5, 20091 Comment

Woohoo! Got my question answered by Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google.

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Out of the box link building ideas.

August 30, 20093 Comments

There are a number of things smart webmasters can do to increase their blog’s reach. Links are one of the most important. Read on to find how to build links using linkbait.

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10 useful resources to generate local traffic and leads.

June 3, 20097 Comments

Relevant traffic is important for small businesses for a variety of reasons. If you own a business that deals primarily with local people, and are looking for your website to increase sales, there’s absolutely no point in having a shed load of visitors who have a quick read of your content, then disappear without actually converting into sales.

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Ba-da bing? Or not.

June 1, 20091 Comment

Today, Microsoft have just relaunched their latest addition to the search space, Bing. They tout it as a serious competitor to Google but then, we’ve heard it all before with Live search. However since that launch MS have acquired Powerset with an aim to integrating natural language features (and wikipedia data mining) into Live Search. […]

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Bookmark these SEO tools.

May 26, 200911 Comments

SEO is a wide topic – one minute you are researching, the next managing someone’s reputation in the SERP’s. Luckily some of this can be automated, and over the years some sites have positioned themselves as leaders in providing tools that every SEO needs. Hopefully this roundup summarises some of them. Feel free to bookmark. […]

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Piggy backing off authority sites to maximise traffic

May 7, 200911 Comments

If you’ve been writing content online for any length of time, you’ll recognise that the SERP’s tend to be more competitive in certain areas than others. In order to gain traction, you’ll have to come up with something that brings visitors in through the backdoor. This is where the technique of piggy-backing comes in. Piggybacking […]

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The psychology of the backlink.

May 5, 20093 Comments

Why do people link? If you can work out the answer to that question, you are well on your way to website success. I’ve my own thoughts on the different types of content that work online, and why they work. People link to web content for a variety of reasons,  but for any webmaster backlinks […]

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