A glossary of SEO terms and jargon

April 22, 200921 Comments

Within any professional industry there are some in house terms and phrases used that need definition and clarity to the uninformed. Search engine optimisation is no different. I’ve written some post in the past that mention some of these, without elaborating on them – this post will hopefully serve as a reference post as time […]

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What every blogger should know about keyword research tools

April 16, 20096 Comments

Are you chasing your tail with your blog? Finding that no amount of article writing is bringing the results you crave? Keyword research is where its at.

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Using QDF plus high PageRank sites to your advantage.

April 10, 20092 Comments

Query deserves freshness (QDF) is a term used by Amit Singhal in a New York Times article back in 2007.  It describes an algorithm which ranks content which is likely to be current, relevant or of temporal importance and artificially inflates the ranking of a page – before that page has gained any links. In […]

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10 SEO image tips for photographers

March 26, 200915 Comments

Some sites have it tough. If you are building a site such as Flickr, or are a photographer wondering how to get better  exposure (pun not intended) for your images via search engines, you are generally up against it. With the majority of your content being visual, it’s harder to get a decent rank on […]

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Exec Tweets SEO fail.

March 24, 20092 Comments

One of the first sites that I’ve seen advertising on Twitter is ExecTweets. The site launched today from Federated Media, and sponsored by Microsoft, is built on top of the WordPress platform. The basic gist is that execTweets collects posts from corporate executives, and allows a digg style voting system to rate them up and […]

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Google follows profile links from its own domain.

February 9, 20091 Comment

Having a dig around on Google’s robots.txt today, I discovered a few interesting bits and bobs. Firstly, they have a dedicated server setup ( for serving up their own sitemaps. These sitemaps seem to contain quite a few good old fashioned static links to text files. These text files contain thousands of links to static […]

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Bounce rates as an SEO factor

January 2, 20097 Comments

It’s been a long time prediction of many SEO’s that Google will start to watch out for bounce rates when indexing sites.. The underlying thought process being that a high bounce rate indicates a site which isn’t as worthy or interesting as a site with a low bounce. I’ve previously explained bounce rates and provided […]

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Newly launched Japanese Food site. Peter Geansai Gorm.

November 20, 20082 Comments

You’ll notice I was a little careful in the wording of this post. I don’t want to associate it too closely with the competition. But for those of you who haven’t a clue what I am on about – take yourself over to Google and try typing in Geansai Gorm. If you want to see […]

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Web traffic checkup. Part 2. SEO 101. On page factors

November 5, 20086 Comments

There are some obvious improvements that you can make with your website to aid it to perform better in the search engines, and some simple tricks that you can employ to insure that you are not committing search engine sins. On page factors are the things that you can do *on* and in the web […]

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What exactly is linkbait? A 5 minute guide to content promotion.

October 26, 200813 Comments

One of the newest SEO strategies that are in use today is linkbait, if your SEO optimiser is still talking exclusively about on-page optimisation and keyword stuffing – 1995 called and they want their meta tags back.

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