URL’s are out. Search, is in.

August 10, 20082 Comments

I noticed today that recently the Royal British Navy’s advertising (created by The Mill in London) has started to use the power of search over actual URLs.  Instead of posting the URL to the Mod, ( as show in their original advert below they are now advertising with the terms “search navy jobs online“, which […]

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Six free tools for monitoring competitors traffic levels.

July 29, 200813 Comments

I’ve written previous on how to get competitors Adwords spend using SpyFu, but sometimes you just want to know how much traffic a certain site is receiving, particularly if they are within your chosen sector – which can be useful if you are thinking about making a purchase of a domain, or if you are […]

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July 28, 20083 Comments

Cuil, a new search engine founded by Stanford professor Tom Costello and former Google search architect Anna Patterson, launched flopped on the web today with many users experiencing nothing more than a server error page, or non existant results. The site has gained some major traffic over the past few hours, after the launched story […]

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17 SEO steps to healthier website traffic

June 29, 200811 Comments

There are many people out there still wondering how to get the most out of a website and how to go about doing search engine optimisation themselves. The following post summarises some of the on and off page methods you should be using to help your site grow exponentially and get further up the search […]

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SpyFu Uk is coming this week..Stayed tuned for the big review.

June 23, 20081 Comment

Spyfu Uk is due for its launch this week (24th of June), and luckily we have been priviledged enough to get a link into the UK version of the service direct from the Spyfu Team. Early this week I got a nice little email from them, asking if we’d take a look around the free […]

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Pagerank update underway for April 2008.

May 1, 20082 Comments

Details on a pagerank update back in April 2008.

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A redesign in two days? Huh? CSS just works.

April 20, 20082 Comments

Css provides webmasters with greater flexibility. I managed to redesign this site in its entirety in just two days using nothing but the underlying style sheet. CSS ROCKS!

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Experts Exchange. Stop the cloaking before its too late.

April 16, 20088 Comments

One website I visit quite often – normally through Google searches is experts-exchange. Searches on particular programming problems seem to be a covered on many different topics at the site, and I for one have found the answer to many a tough cookie. However I have one gripe / pet hate with the site, and […]

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10+ SEO keyword tools you cant live without

April 5, 200823 Comments

There are a number of useful tools at the disposal of us olde search optimisers. So you’ve spent months chasing a specific keyword, dropping links like a maniac, until you reach that top ten position on your search engine of choice, only to find that traffic dribbles in slower than a snail on crack. So […]

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Small businesses wake up. The time for www is now.

March 10, 20080 Comments

I’ve seen it time and time again with business in Northern Ireland, they have their branding sorted, they have their vehicle livery sorted, and this includes mr white van man. Plumbers, Electricians, Painters and Decorators, Paving Contractors Ok, so paving contractors is a bit special, I optimised the number one result for my last job. […]

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